The list of aircraft currently available for Microsoft Flight Simulator continues to grow, with new additions coming seemingly every week. Since it’s getting hard for simmers to keep track, we figured a list of currently available aircraft could be quite useful, grouped by aircraft type. So here it is!

This will be a regularly updated list, and every suggestion or feedback from our readers will be considered. While we follow closely what is going on across the whole spectrum of the MSFS community, there will always be something that we didn’t catch, so do share your findings! If you think there’s something missing, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

We hope this list is useful, together with our list of aircraft in development, so that you know what’s available and what’s coming for MSFS. There’s a detailed changelog at the bottom of this post, which is updated as of November 12, 2023.

The artwork featured in this post is heavily inspired by Mike Kelley’s Airportraits.

Table of Contents:

GA (Single Engine)
GA & Utility (Multi Engine)
Business Jets

General Aviation (Single Engine)

A1R Ryan ST-A SpecialA1R Design BureauPayware
Comanche 250A2A SimulationsPayware
Aerolite 103Nemeth DesignsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Aviat Pitts Special S1SAsoboFreeware (PC/Xbox)
Aviat Pitts Special S2SAsoboStandard Edition (PC/Xbox)
BD-5JAzurPolyPayware (PC/Xbox)
Analog BonanzaBlack SquarePayware
Antonov An-2Microsoft / ATSimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Bellanca Super VikingLionheart CreationsPayware
Bonanza G36AsoboStandard Edition
Bonanza TurboRobert YoungFreeware Mod
Bonanza H35 V-TAILBRSimDesignsPayware
Bonanza V35CarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
BW 635RGOrbxPayware
BRISTELL B23AirfoillabsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Caproni-Vizzola C-22JMario Noriega DesignsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Cessna 140Aeroplane HeavenPayware
Cessna 152AsoboStandard Edition
Cessna 152 AerobatAsoboDeluxe Edition
C162 SkycatcherCockspurPayware (PC/Xbox)
Cessna 170BCarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
Cessna 172 Skyhawk (G1000)AsoboStandard Edition
Cessna 172 SkyhawkAsoboDeluxe Edition
Cessna 182RGCarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
Cessna 182TCarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
Cessna 208 B Grand CaravanAsoboStandard Edition
Cessna 208 B Grand Caravan (Steam gauges)Black SquarePayware
Cessna Corvalis TTxSim FederationPayware
Cessna L-19 “Bird Dog”Blackbox SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Cessna T-37B Tweet VrilleAPlat Freeware
Cirrus SR22AsoboPremium Edition
CubCrafters NX CubAsoboFreeware
Cub Crafter X CubAsoboStandard Edition
Daher TBM 930AsoboStandard Edition
Diamond DA20-C1YLFLY_SIMPayware
Diamond DA20SimSolutionsPayware
Diamond DA40NGAsoboStandard Edition
Diamond DA40 TDIAsoboDeluxe Edition
Diamond DV20AsoboDeluxe Edition
Drifter 582 UltralightAnt’s AirplanesPayware
Debonair 35BRSimDesignsPayware
EA-7 Edgley OpticaGot FriendsPayware (PC/Xbox)
EA-7 Edgley OpticaOrbxPayware (PC/Xbox)
Eagle S100F7 SimulationsPayware
EMB200 Ipanema CropdusterBRSimDesignsPayware
ERCO Ercoupe 415CBRSimDesignsPayware
EXTRA 330LTAsoboStandard Edition
FK9 Mark 4DeejingFreeware
Flight Design CTLSAsoboStandard Edition
FN.333 RivieraMario NoriegaPayware
Focke-Wulf P.149DATSimulationsPayware
Gee Bee R3 SpecialGot FriendsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Globe SwiftAeroplane HeavenPayware
Husky A-1CAsoboPayware (PC/Xbox)
ICON A5AsoboStandard Edition
Jabiru J160/J170Iris SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
J3C-65 CUBBT StudioPayware (PC/Xbox)
JMB VL-3AsoboStandard Edition
Kitfox Series 5 & Trent Palmer’s Freedom FoxParallel 42Payware (PC/Xbox)
Kitfox Speedster Series 7Project StratospherePayware (PC/Xbox)
KitFox STiBig Tire StudioPayware
Kodiak 100 Series IISimWorks StudioPayware (PC/Xbox)
Kodiak 100 AmphibianSimWorks StudioPayware (PC)
Lake SkipperGot FriendsFreeware/Payware (PC/Xbox)
Lear Fan 2100Lionheart CreationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Long EZIndiaFoxTechoPayware (PC/Xbox)
M20R MooneyCarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
Maule M7-235Pilot Experience SimPayware (PC/Xbox)
Monster NX CubGot FriendsFreeware/Payware (PC/Xbox)
PA-11 Cub SpecialFlight ReplicasPayware (PC/Xbox)
PA-28 Archer IICarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
PA-28RCarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
PA-28R Arrow IIIJust FlightPayware
PA-28R Turbo Arrow III/IVJust FlightPayware
PA-28-161 Warrior IIJust FlightPayware
PAC-750 XSTOLOrbxPayware
Piper L-4 GrasshopperFlight ReplicasPayware (PC/Xbox)
PT-6A PorterMilvizPayware (PC/Xbox)
Pilatus PC-6 PorterAsoboFreeware
Pilatus PC-12CarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
Pipistrel Virus SW121AsoboPremium Edition
Pitts Special S1SAsoboPayware (PC/Xbox)
PZL-104 WilgaGot FriendsPayware (PC/Xbox)
QUICKIE Q200Lionheart CreationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Rans S6SFlyBoy SimulationsPayware
Ryan Navion BHangar Studios 713Payware (PC/Xbox)
Robin Cap10AsoboStandard Edition
Robin DR400AsoboStandard Edition
Sbach 342LivToAirPayware (PC/Xbox)
Scottish Aviation BulldogBlackbox SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
SeaRey EliteFlightSim StudioPayware
Skywaves Amphibious UltralightBlueMeshPayware (PC/Xbox)
SIAI/Marchetti S.205-18/RNemeth DesignsPayware
Sting S4FSRebornPayware (PC/Xbox)
Socata TB-30 EpsilonAzurPolyPayware (PC/Xbox)
SubSonex JSX-2YSimPayware
Savage GrravelGot FriendsFreeware/Payware (PC/Xbox)
Savage CarbonGot FriendsFreeware/Payware (PC/Xbox)
Savage ObstructionGot GravelFreeware
Sukhoi Su-31IndiafoxtechoPayware
Super Menestrel HN-434French VFRFreeware
Tanarg 912DeimosPayware (PC/Xbox)
TBM 850Black SquarePayware
Tecnam P92AeroSachsPayware
Top Rudder Solo 103AsoboPayware (PC/Xbox)
Trinidad TB21 GTLionheart CreationsPayware
Tutor T.1Iris SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Van’s RV-7 & RV7ADeejingFreeware
Van’s RV-8Terrainy StudiosPayware
Van’s RV-10SimWorks StudiosPayware (PC/Xbox)
Van’s RV-14SimWorks StudiosPayware
Velocity XLBlack SquarePayware
Vertigo Turbo Prop RacerGot FriendsFreeware/Payware (PC/Xbox)
Whittaker MW6Rara-Avis SimsFreeware
Yak-18TNemeth DesignsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Zenith STOL CH-701SimWorks StudioPayware (PC/Xbox)
Zippy SportRara-Avis SimsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Zlin Shock UltraAsoboPremium Edition
Zlin Savage CubAsoboStandard Edition

General Aviation & Utility (Multi Engine)

AircraftDeveloper Notes
Aero Vodochody Ae-45 and Ae-145MicrosoftPayware (PC/Xbox)
Analog BaronBlack SquarePayware
Beechcraft Baron G58AsoboDeluxe Edition
Beechcraft King Air 350iAsoboStandard Edition
Beechcraft King Air 350i AnalogBlack SquarePayware
Beechcraft Model 99VirtualColPayware
Camair 480 Twin NavionHangar Studios 713Payware (PC/Xbox)
Canadair CL-215Roland LaboriePayware
Canadair CL-415Roland LaboriePayware
Canadair CL-515Roland LaboriePayware
Cessna 310Blackbird (Milviz)Payware (PC/Xbox)
Cessna 337 Skymaster CarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
Cessna 414AW ChancellorFlysimwarePayware (PC/Xbox)
Diamond DA62AsoboStandard Edition
Double EnderGot FriendsPayware (PC/Xbox)
DCH-4 CaribouOrbxPayware (PC/Xbox)
Embraer EMB 121 XinguBRsim DesignsPayware
MC Cri-CriATSimulationsPayware
Mitsubishi MU-2iniBuilds/MicrosoftPayware (PC/Xbox)
PA30 TwinkieShrike SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
PA-34T Seneca VCarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
PA-44 SeminoleCarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
Partenavia P68B VictorNemeth DesignsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Tecnam P2006T Mk IIFlightSim StudioPayware (PC/Xbox)
Twin OtterAerosoftPayware


AircraftDeveloper Notes
737-600PMDGPayware (PC/Xbox)
737-700PMDGPayware (PC/Xbox)
737-800PMDGPayware (PC/Xbox)
737-900PMDGPayware (PC/Xbox)
737 MAXBredok3DPayware (PC/Xbox)
777sCaptain SimPayware (PC/Xbox)
767sCaptain SimPayware (PC/Xbox)
787AsoboPremium Edition
Boeing 787-94SimmersPayware (PC/Xbox)
A310iniBuilds40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
A318LatinVFRPayware (PC/Xbox)
A319LatinVFRPayware (PC/Xbox)
A320Fenix SimulationsPayware
Airbus A320ceoLatinVFRPayware (PC/Xbox)
A320neoAsoboStandard Edition
A321neoLatinVFRPayware (PC/Xbox)
Airbus A330LatinVFRPayware (PC/Xbox)
A330-300Project Mega PackFreeware
Antonov An-225iniBuildsPayware (PC/Xbox)
ATR 42-600/72-600Microsoft/S&H SoftwarePayware (PC/Xbox)
BAe 146 ProfessionalJust FlightPayware
Boeing 314 ClipperPILOT’SPayware
Boeing 747-8AsoboStandard Edition
Boeing 767-300ERRHDSimulationsPayware
Boeing 767-300ERCaptain SimPayware (PC/Xbox)
Boeing 767-400ERCaptain SimPayware (PC/Xbox)
Boeing 787-9Horizon SimulationsFreeware
Boeing 307 StratolinerAeroplane Heaven/MicrosoftPayware (PC/Xbox)
BN-2 IslanderBlackbox SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
BN-2A TrislanderBlackbox SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
ConcordeDC DesignsPayware (PC/Xbox)
CRJ 550/700/900/1000 BundleAerosoftPayware
Electra 10AAeroplane HeavenPayware
Embraer E175FlightSim StudioPayware
Embraer 170/175VirtualColPayware (PC/Xbox)
Embraer 190/195VirtualColPayware (PC/Xbox)
EMB-110PNextGen SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Fly The Maddog X MD-82Leonardo Software HousePayware
Fly the Maddog X MD-83/-88Leonardo Software HousePayware
Fokker F28 ProfessionalJust FlightPayware
Junkers Ju-52Microsoft/Oliver MoserPayware (PC/Xbox)
L-1049 Super ConstellationRedwing SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
MD-11Sky SimulationsPayware
Shorts SD3-30/SD3-60Blackbox SimulationPayware

Business Jets

AircraftDeveloper Notes
Cessna Citation CJ4Asobo/Working TitleStandard Edition
Cessna Citation LongitudeAsoboPremium Edition
C510 MustangCockspurPayware (PC/Xbox)
Embraer Phenom 300ESim FederationPayware (PC/Xbox)
HJet HA-420Marwan GharibPayware (PC/Xbox)
Vision Jet G2FlightFXPayware (PC/Xbox)


AircraftDeveloper Notes
A10-C Thunderbolt IIDeimos Inc.Payware (PC/Xbox)
A-4E SkyhawkVirtaviaPayware
A6M5 ‘Zero’ and A6M-N ‘Rufe’Romantic WingsPayware
Airbus A400MRoland LaboriePayware
AT-6 TexanAsoboPayware (PC/Xbox)
Spirit (B-2)KwikFlightPayware
BF 109G-6FlyingIron SimulationsPayware
B-52 StratofortressMSceneryPayware (PC/Xbox)
Bell X-1AMsceneryPayware (PC/Xbox)
Boeing F/A-18 Super HornetAsoboFreeware
C-130E HerculesCaptain SimPayware
C-160 TransallAzurPolyPayware
C-17 GlobemasterDestroyer121Freeware
Dassault Mirage F1faf_AlexFreeware
D77-TC PelicanAsobo/MicrosoftFree (Fictional) (PC/Xbox)
de Haviland Vampire DH-100SwissMilSimPayware (PC/Xbox)
de Haviland Venom DH-112SwissMilSimPayware (PC/Xbox)
DHC-1 ChipmunkAeroplane HeavenPayware
Embraer EMB-312 TucanoRPSimulationsPayware
Eurofighter TyphoonBredok3DPayware (PC/Xbox)
Eurofighter TyphoonCJ SimulationsPayware
F/A-18CDC DesignsFreeware
F-117 NighthawkAerial SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
F-14D Super TomcatSteve-E & YurikairiPayware (PC/Xbox)
F-14 A/B TomcatDC DesignPayware (PC/Xbox)
F-15C, D, E and IDC DesignPayware (PC/Xbox)
F-16C, D, and ISC DesignsPayware (PC/Xbox)
F-22 RaptorBredok3DPayware (PC/Xbox)
F-22A “Raptor”Top Mach StudiosPayware (PC/Xbox)
F-35 Lightning IIIndiaFoxTechoPayware (PC/XBox)
F4 PhantomDC DesignPayware (PC/XBox)
F4F-4 WildcatGotFriendsPayware
F6F HellcatFlyingIron SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
F7F-3 TigercatVirtaviaPayware
FG-1D CorsairMilvizPayware
Fouga CM.170 MagisterAzurPolyPayware (PC/Xbox)
Fiat G-91Sim Skunk WorksPayware
G39 GriffinDeimosPayware (PC/Xbox)
Grumman F3F-2Aeroplane HeavenPayware
Hawk T1/A Advanced TrainerJust FlightPayware
Hawker HunterDaveWGFreeware
Harrier IIDC DesignsPayware (PC/Xbox)
L-39 AlbatrossAsoboPayware (PC/Xbox)
MB-339IndiaFoxTechoPayware (PC/Xbox)
M-346 MasterIndiaFoxTechoPayware (PC/Xbox)
MiG-15BisBear StudioPayware (PC/Xbox)
MiG-29 FulcrumDeimosPayware (PC/Xbox)
MORANE D-3801SwissMilSimPayware
MV-22B OspreyMiltech SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
OV-10A BroncoArie BabaFreeware
P-38L LightningFlying Iron SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
P-40BBig RadialsPayware (PC/Xbox)
P-40NFlight ReplicasPayware (PC/Xbox)
P-51 MustangAsoboPayware (PC/Xbox)
P-51D ‘Mustang’Aeroplane HeavenPayware
Pilatus PC-21IRIS SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Saab B 17AiniBuilds/MicrosoftPayware (PC/Xbox)
Short StirlingVirtaviaPayware
SIAI-Marchetti SF.260Sim Skunk WorksPayware (PC/Xbox)
Spitfire Mk1AAeroplane HeavenPayware
Spitfire MK-IXcFlying Iron SimulationsPayware
Sukhoi SU-57 FelonDeimosPayware (PC/Xbox)
SU-27 FlankerDeimosPayware (PC/Xbox)
T-45CIndiaFoxTechoPayware (PC/Xbox)
T-6 TexanAsoboPayware
T-6 Texan IIIRIS SimulationsPayware
TF-104 G StarfighterSim Skunk WorksPayware
FRF-104G StarfighterSim Skunk WorksPayware
Vought Crusader F8-ERoland LaboriePayware
YAK-9 FrankDeimosPayware (PC/Xbox)


AircraftDeveloper Notes
Discus-2c GliderGot FriendsFreeware
Discus-2c PremiumGot FriendsPayware (PC/Xbox)
DG Aviation LS8-18FlightSim Studio40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
DG-1001E neoFlightSim Studio40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
Rolladen-Schneider LS4MADoloSimulationsFreeware
SG 38 SchulgleiterCockspurPayware
Schleicher K7GlideSimmer67Freeware


AircraftDeveloper Notes
Beechcraft Model 17 Staggerwing CarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
Beechcraft Model 18CarenadoPayware (PC/Xbox)
Bf108 TaifuniniBuildsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Blériot XIWing42Payware
Boeing 247DWing42Payware
Bucker Bü-131 ‘Jungmann’Lionheart CreationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Bugatti EB-100 PRed WingPayware (PC/Xbox)
Caudron Rafale 430BlueMeshPayware (PC/Xbox)
Chilton DW-A1A1R Design BureauPayware
Curtiss JN-4 JennyiniBuilds40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
DHC-2 BeaverBlackbird Simulations40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
Dorand AR1 A2 200RealPhysicsPayware
Dornier Do J WalAsoboPayware (PC/Xbox)
Dornier Do XMicrosoftPayware (PC/Xbox)
Douglas DC-3Aeroplane Heaven40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
English Electric WrenRara-AvisPayware
Fokker F.VIIAsoboPayware (PC/Xbox)
Ford TrimotorAeroplane Heaven/MicrosoftPayware (PC/Xbox)
Fox MothFlight ReplicasPayware (PC/Xbox)
GeeBee Model Z and R-2AsoboPayware (PC/Xbox)
Goliath F.60RedWing SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Grumman G44A WidgeonFlySimWarePayware (PC/Xbox)
Grumman G-21 GooseiniBuilds40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
Grumman Goose G21A Redux IIBig RadialsFreeware
Grumman Goose JRF-6BBig RadialsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Hughes H-1 RacerHCGPayware
Hughes H-4 HerculesBlueMesh40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
Junkers F 13Microsoft/Oliver MoserPayware (PC/Xbox)
Latecoere 631BlueMesh/MicrosoftPayware (PC/Xbox)
Letov S-328Passion2FlyPayware (PC/Xbox)
Mignet HM.14Rara-Avis SimsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Nieuport 17Big RadialsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Nieuport 24FlysimwarePayware (PC/Xbox)
Noorduyn NorsemanBig RadialsPayware
Pasped SkylarkLionheart CreationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
PT-17 StearmanDC DesignsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Savoia-Marchetti S.55 and S.55XMicrosoft/Mike JohnsonPayware (PC/Xbox)
Shavrov Sh-2A1R DesignPayware
Spartan 7W ExecutiveHCG Digital ArtsPayware
Ryan NYP Spirit of St. LouisBlueMesh40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
Tiger MothAnt’s AirplanesPayware (PC/Xbox)
Wright FlyerBlueMesh40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)


AircraftDeveloper Notes
AH-64D ApacheMSceneryPayware (PC/Xbox)
Airbus H125Rotor Sim PilotFreeware
Airbus H-135Hype Performance GroupFreeware
Airbus H-145Hype Performance GroupPayware
Alouette IIITaog’s HangarPayware
Astro ONEGot FriendsPayware
Bell 206FlyInsidePayware
Bell 206B3Cowan SimulationPayware (PC/Xbox)
Bell 206L3Cowan SimulationPayware
Bell 222BCowan SimulationPayware
Bell 407Asobo40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
Bell 47-G2FlyInsidePayware
Boeing CH-47 ChinookMSceneryPayware (PC/Xbox)
Guimbal Cabri G2Asobo40th Anniversary (PC/Xbox)
H125Cowan SimulationPayware (PC/Xbox)
H145Hype Performance GroupPayware
Airbus H160Hype Performance GroupPayware
Hurricane HC-450NHCG Digital ArtsPayware
Kamov Ka-10Touching CloudPayware
MD500ECowan SimulationPayware (PC/Xbox)
MD 530FShrike SimulationsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Mini-500Got FriendsPayware (PC/Xbox)
Robinson R44Rotor Sim PilotFreeware
Schweizer 300MSceneryPayware (PC/Xbox)
Schweizer S300CBiNemeth DesignsPayware
Sikorsky S-76MSceneryPayware (PC/Xbox)


AircraftDeveloper Notes
Aeromobil 3.0LivToAirPayware
Bristol Type 188 Flaming PencilTangoGolfFreeware
HVN900 UAV DroneHeaven Designs & GibaPayware (PC/Xbox)
HPG Hot Air BalloonHype Performance GroupPayware
Scrapyard MonsterFlying FriesFreeware