Flysimware releases the Nieuport 24 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Flysimware is planning to port many of its old FSX and P3D airplanes to Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team is mostly known to the MSFS community for the critically acclaimed Cessna 414AW, which is one of the best GA airplanes currently available in the platform, but Flysimware has lots of plans for the future, which include porting many of their old products to MSFS, with improved visuals and sounds, and make them affordable. The first is the Nieuport 24, now available as a beta version for just $11.99!

You might think that Flysimware has not been around for long, but you’d be wrong. In fact, the team has an extensive portfolio that goes back to the good old days of FSX. While Flysimware will surely bring the most important ones to MSFS as native aircraft, others will be simplified ports that should meet the current standards in terms of visuals, sounds (with Sim Acoustics), and flight dynamics, while ditching things such as interactive checklists, icing effects, saved state, and more.

Flysimware Nieuport 24 MSFS 9

Flysimware Nieuport 24 MSFS 8

Flysimware Nieuport 24 MSFS 7

Flysimware Nieuport 24 MSFS 6

Flysimware Nieuport 24 MSFS 4

Flysimware Nieuport 24 MSFS 3

Flysimware Nieuport 24 MSFS 2

Flysimware Nieuport 24 MSFS 1

Flysimware hopes that this plan will enable them to release a larger number of products at a quicker pace. These will be available at an especially low price during an early beta period and settle for a slightly higher but still very affordable price once the final version comes out. Sounds familiar? That’s more or less what they’ve done with the 414 and the Grumman Widgeon… with great success!

The first of these ported airplanes is now out, and it’s the French Nieuport 24. This is a WWI biplane, perfect for simmers looking to experience the early times of fighter aircraft. Interestingly, this airplane was a refinement of the popular Nieuport 17, which is also available for MSFS, from Big Radials!

The Flysimware Nieuport 24 is available as a beta, which means it’s still very much a work in progress. Flysimware is counting on the feedback of early adopters to quickly iterate and bring this very vintage warbird up to a complete package (minus the special features, some of which we mentioned above). Keep that in mind as you use the aircraft in its current state.

To get an idea of what you’re getting at this point, Flysimware released a preview video of the aircraft, showcasing its current state in terms of visuals, sounds, and functionality. It actually looks rather nice already, with a lovely engine animation and sounds!

The Nieuport 24 is now available for only $11.99 USD. This pricing should remain throughout the beta stage and increase slightly to around $14.99 USD for the final price.