FlyByWire teases their Airbus A380 for MSFS with new image

FlyByWire is mostly known for their excellent A32NX, but the team has already revealed that they’re working on bringing the massive A380 to Flight Simulator. Today, a single image was shared in FlyByWire’s social media, showing in great detail the overhead panel of the A380.

On our last update in January we showed you some images of the teams’ progress with the pedestal, landing gear, and some details in the switches. At the time those were mainly decals, not showing any of the expected textures and final look that can be expected. However, in this new image, the overhead panel already looks very real, with some really nice lighting as well.

The image is followed by a simple message: “Something bigger is coming”. Well, the A380 is certainly bigger than the A320neo. Could this mean that besides the literal meaning of the word, we’re in for something more complex and detailed? Time will tell, but you better be patient. The developers already warned that it will take years for the A380 to reach high levels of realism and function.