FlyByWire Simulations announces a freeware A380 for MSFS!

Here’s a big announcement from FlyByWire: the team has started developing a freeware version of the Airbus A380 for MSFS! Still in a very early stage of modeling the aircraft, the team is asking for help from anyone who has worked on the real aircraft. It’s being entirely built from scratch!

Although this is quite an exciting announcement, specially considering the team’s incredible work with the A32NX, development is expected to take years for the aircraft to reach high levels of realism and functionality. However, we should start seeing a working version sometime in the second half of 2021.

The developers promise that this new project will not affect current developments with the A32NX, so we should continue to get updates on that one at a steady pace.

This is indeed a very ambitions project, as the A380 is notoriously difficult to replicate due to its highly complex systems. Many have tried and failed, so let’s hope FlyByWire is up to the task. We are very confident, and will keep a very close eye on this project to let you know about all future updates!

Make sure to check the official Discord if you wish to contribute to this project.