FlyByWire updates the A32NX with Simbrief integration, reworked flight model, sounds, and much more

The long-waited v0.5.0 of FlyByWire’s Airbus A320neo mod for MSFS, the A32NX, has finally been released, bringing some hyped new features and much needed fixes.

This latest version finally includes the much requested SimBrief integration, but also ATSU and OPTIONS menus, a reworked flight model and improved interior and exterior sounds and lighting. There’s even a tutorial on how to import your SimBrief flight plans:

As usual with each new version of the A32NX, the changelog is extensive, covering dozens of new features, fixes and improvements. Check the entire changelog here.

FlyByWire also talked about new features that are in the works, but couldn’t unfortunately be released with this new version as they’re still in development. These are the electrical & hydraulic systems and a new custom fly-by-wire system. While these are not available on the stable v0.5.0, you can try them out with the installation of the unstable branch.

You can install either of the available versions using the official installer, which you can download using the button below: