FlyByWire updates progress on A380 development for Flight Simulator

It’s been over two months since we first heard about FlyByWire’s intention in creating a high quality freeware version of the Airbus A380. While the development of this aircraft is expected to take a long time, the team has now released some new images detailing some good progress in interior and exterior modelling of some sections of this plane.

On the few preview images that were originally shared on the team’s very own ‘In the Hangar’ podcast, we can see that work is moving nicely on the cockpit’s pedestal and overhead panel, as well as with the landing gear. Note that these images show mostly the 3D modelling of each respective section, with little to no texturing work. There’s also no systems shown to be working, something that will probably be worked on at a later stage.

FlyByWire A380 MSFS landing gear

FlyByWire A380 MSFS pedestal close

FlyByWire A380 MSFS lower pedestal

Some of your are probably worried that FlyByWire may now shift its focus from the A32NX to the A380, but rest assured that the team is promising that the A32NX remains their top priority, and development on that front is expected to continue as planned.

As usual, we’ll keep a close eye on the development of this plane and will let you know once there’s something new to share. Stay tuned!