A new warbird for MSFS! The Big Radials Nieuport 17 is now available

Just a week after the initial announcement, Big Radials released today its new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Nieuport 17. It’s a century-old French biplane that fought in World War I, known for its superior capabilities against most rivals.

Big Radials is releasing this little “side project” between the previous launch of the P-40B Tomahawk and a future undisclosed “big project”. It comes with detailed 3D modeling and textures, with some historical liveries sitting on top.

Big Radials promises an accurate flight model and sounds that were recorded from a real Le Rhone engine, which should make for a fairly authentic experience. There are even working machine guns, even though you can’t shoot down anything in MSFS.

Besides the very vintage airplane, Big Radials also includes 1 mission and 2 landing challenges, a nice bonus that could be a great example for other third-party developers.

All of this is now available directly from Big Radials for just €15,95 | $19.00.

Big Radials Nieuport 17 MSFS 4

Big Radials Nieuport 17 MSFS 3

Big Radials Nieuport 17 MSFS 2

Big Radials Nieuport 17 MSFS 1

Big Radials Nieuport 17 MSFS 6

Big Radials Nieuport 17 MSFS 5

Main features:

  • Highly detailed 3D model and textures
  • Historical liveries
  • Accurate sounds recorded from a Le Rhone rotary engine
  • Accurate flight model making it nimble and useable on many tiny airstrips
  • Animated pilot scarf and streamer
  • Interactive clipboard
  • Speedometer in knots or kmh
  • Hidden radio set for IVAO or VATSIM users
  • Working machine guns!
  • Comes with 1 mission and 2 landing challenges