Big Radials announces the Nieuport 17 for MSFS, a biplane from WWI

Big Radials found critical acclaim with its P-40B Tomahawk for Flight Simulator. It didn’t have a radial engine but was a challenging aircraft that was both fun and good-looking. Now, the team is announcing a new project… still not with a radial engine though! Jokes aside, it’s another classic warbird, this time from an even older era: the French Nieuport 17, a biplane from WWI that earned its fame as one of the best fighters of its time.

Big Radials is hinting at a bigger project coming several months ahead, but the team decided to also work on a “more fun, simple, cheaper, cool-looking little plane“. Does this mean we will see a “more serious, complex, expensive, ugly-looking big plane” coming at a later date? Time will tell but, for now, Big Radials is getting ready to release a rather interesting and very vintage avion.

When it was introduced in 1916, the Nieuport 17 was praised for its excellent maneuverability and performance characteristics, which gave it a significant advantage against its rivals. It ended up being mass-produced in France and used by many operators. Even the Germans copied the design.

Big Radials Nieuport 17 MSFS 6

More than 100 years later, Big Radials is now looking to release this aircraft for the latest Microsoft Flight Simulator. The goal is to deliver high-quality visuals and accurate sounds and flight dynamics. The team is counting on the help of a consultant who actually built and owned a real airplane, so we should expect an authentic experience with the virtual version for MSFS.

To go along with the announcement, Big Radials also revealed the first images of the Nieuport 17, showing a beautiful aircraft that looks stunning in the world of MSFS. A few historical liveries will be included, as well as 1 mission and 2 landing challenges. All of this for a price that will be set at around 15€.

While we don’t know yet when it will be released, the developers say that it’s coming out soon. In the meantime, we should start to see some early previews on the studio’s social platforms, so stay tuned to see more!

Big Radials Nieuport 17 MSFS 4

Main features:

  • Highly detailed 3D model and textures
  • Historical liveries
  • Accurate sounds recorded from a Le Rhone rotary engine
  • Accurate flight model making it nimble and useable on many tiny airstrips
  • Animated pilot scarf and streamer
  • Interactive clipboard
  • Speedometer in knots or kmh
  • Hidden radio set for IVAO or VATSIM users
  • Working machine guns!
  • Comes with 1 mission and 2 landing challenges
  • Price expected to be around 15€