SimSoft releases Cork Airport for MSFS, the second largest in Ireland

☘️ Irish pilots have a good reason to celebrate, as they now have access to a custom-built version of the country’s second-busiest airport, in Cork. EICK is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator, courtesy of SimSoft.

Cork Airport serves more than 2 million passengers each year and is a focus airport for Ryanair and Aer Lingus. It’s a small international airport, but a very important one for the whole community in southern Ireland.

SimSoft created a fairly accurate virtual version of Cork Airport for MSFS, with realistic ground layout and markings, vehicles. The interior of the terminal has also been modeled in a simplified fashion. It may not be the most exciting-looking airport ever released for MSFS, but nonetheless provides a significant upgrade over the default scenery and its generic buildings. It’s also very affordable!

Cork Airport is now available from for less than 10€/£.

Cork Airport MSFS 8

Cork Airport MSFS 7

Cork Airport MSFS 6

Cork Airport MSFS 5

Cork Airport MSFS 4

Cork Airport MSFS 3

Cork Airport MSFS 1


  • High quality 3D objects
  • Realistic ground layout
  • Correct taxiway names and signs
  • Realistic stand names and locations
  • Realistic ground markings
  • Ground vehicles, objects and cars
  • Realistic airport environment
  • Night lighting
  • Jetways