SimWorks Studios shares avionics sneak peek of the Pilatus PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

SimWorks Studios (SWS) has been hard at work on their highly-anticipated Pilatus PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, overcoming numerous challenges and setbacks to bring the virtual skies a true-to-life representation of the popular aircraft. Following the first images of the external model from earlier this month, the team has now provided an update focusing on the avionics systems, which are still in the development phase, despite significant progress in recent weeks.

Taking into account the previous updates provided by SWS, it’s evident that the team has been dedicated to perfecting the flight handling, exterior, and interior models. They have also focused on making the aircraft as customizable as possible, with a repainter-friendly texture layout and extensive customization options for the interior. This level of detail extends to the avionics systems as well, demonstrating the team’s commitment to delivering an immersive and accurate experience for simmers, in line with what was offered with the excellent Kodiak 100 package.

The latest update showcases several instrument screenshots, offering simmers a glimpse of the avionics systems that are currently being fine-tuned:

Custom-made Electronic Attitude Director Indicator (EADI) during a steep climb. This custom source brings the instrument much closer to the real thing, enhancing realism.
The Electronic Instrument System (EIS) during normal operation, with the fuel calculator enabled. The team emphasizes the importance of resetting the calculator after each refueling to ensure accurate values for remaining fuel and flight time.
The EIS during the first stage of its testing mode. All the LED segments turn on progressively, so pilots have ample time to inspect the instrument for faulty display components. In the next stages of the test, fault codes are shown, which provide information about the status of the aircraft’s systems.
FB IMG 1681017869497
Images 4 and 5 reveal the performance of the EIS and EADI, with low CoherentGtDraw and CoherentGTUIThread times on the information overlay, indicating good performance with high FPS.

SimWorks Studios has made it clear that they are committed to delivering a unique and engaging experience for MSFS simmers, from the aircraft’s exterior to its cockpit systems. The Pilatus PC-12 project appears to be now speeding up toward completion as the team shares more regular updates regarding its progress. Stay tuned for a new update on the project later this month!