LatinVFR’s Airbus A340-300 ready for final testing, release expected this month

The A340-300 has been a part of LatinVFR’s broader strategy to expand their aircraft offerings beyond their initial narrow-body Airbus models for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This project was first announced last year, promising simmers a new wide-body aircraft equipped with custom systems and a detailed model, targeting those who appreciate a more immersive but manageable flying experience.

In the latest update from LatinVFR, the team reveals that they have concluded the initial development phase of the Airbus A340-300 and are progressing to final testing, specifically targeting compatibility and performance optimizations for Xbox users. This phase is critical to ensure the add-on operates smoothly across different platforms.

The team has announced that they are anticipating a release later this month.

LatinVFR Airbus A340 MSFS 8

LatinVFR Airbus A340 MSFS 3

LatinVFR Airbus A340 MSFS 5

LatinVFR Airbus A340 MSFS 7

LatinVFR Airbus A340 MSFS 1

LatinVFR Airbus A340 MSFS 2

LatinVFR Airbus A340 MSFS 9

The LatinVFR Airbus A340-300 promises to bring a blend of detailed design and functional complexity that strikes a balance between realism and accessibility. So, not a “study-level” experience but rather something a bit more casual, let’s say.

This aircraft will feature a selection of customizations and system simulations that aim to mirror the real-life operations of the A340-300, albeit in a way that remains approachable for both casual enthusiasts and seasoned pilots.

This approach obviously makes the A340-300 accessible to a broader audience, including those on Xbox, which is clearly an important audience for LatinVFR. It ensures that both casual flyers and more dedicated aviation enthusiasts can enjoy the experience without the steep learning curve associated with high-fidelity simulations, but also means that those looking for the utmost realism and adherence to real-world procedures may end up feeling like there are some crucial pieces missing.

LatinVFR Airbus A340 MSFS 6

Still, it’s not every day that we get a fairly interesting new airliner release for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and the LatinVFR A340-300 will certainly appeal to a very broad audience within the MSFS community.

As we wait for the release, enjoy the latest images of the A340 that show some interesting new perspectives on the aircraft, including the cockpit, wing views, and some of the liveries that will be included in the package.