Carenado shares new images of the C337 Skymaster, coming soon to MSFS

Carenado is taking a little longer than usual to release its newest aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the Cessna 337 Skymaster. After the initial announcement in August, we were expecting to wait a few weeks for the release, as has happened with previous airplanes, but the Skymaster is still not out. Hopefully, the latest update is a promising sign: Carenado says they are finishing many corrections and details, and the launch is soon for this iconic aircraft.

So far, we’ve seen a bunch of impressive images of the C337 in MSFS. Today is no exception, with new previews shots that showcase Carenado’s now famous high-quality modelling standards. The Skymaster certainly looks very impressive, from its accurate and detailed exterior 3D model to the gorgeous steam gauges in the instrument panel. Even the seats look extremely realistic and inviting. It will be hard to be disappointed with this model, and we expect great sounds to go along with it.

As usual, it’s the flight dynamics that will set this aircraft apart – or not. Carenado has made significant improvements there with their latest airplanes for MSFS. They no longer feel as generic in flight as they used to be, so we have high hopes for the Skymaster.

Carenado 337 skymaster msfs 7

Carenado 337 skymaster msfs 6

Carenado 337 skymaster msfs 4

Carenado 337 skymaster msfs 3

Carenado 337 skymaster msfs 2

Carenado 337 skymaster msfs 1

Carenado says that Sim Update 7 brought some unexpected work load, but the team is very excited with this new upcoming release. Hopefully it will be out in time for the holidays, as many will appreciate the gift. The Skymaster is definitely one of the most interesting general aviation airplanes around, and it’s destined to be a success in MSFS.

As usual, we will let you know once there are further news about this project. Until then, enjoy this new collection of stunning shots of the Carenado C337 Skymaster.