Got Friends’ new freeware is like a flying jet ski!

Still recovering from the aftermath of the controversy, which saw the removal of Got Friends products from the site, the group of developers is back with the good stuff: a new freeware aircraft and plenty of updates to its existing portfolio!

The latest entertaining aircraft from the team is the Lake Skipper Recreational Vehicle, a high-performance aircraft designed to deliver an adrenaline-pumping flight experience above the water in MSFS. Got Friends says the Lake Skipper is “like a high-performance jet ski, but in the sky”. This design is inspired by the FlyNano, a small electric seaplane developed in Finland.

This aircraft is designed to fly just feet above the water’s surface, harnessing the power of ground effect. The trailer published by Got Friends makes this intriguing aircraft look like a lot of fun! Being free, you can try that for yourself by downloading the Lake Skipper directly from the developers’ website.

Normally, this download would be available from, with whom Got Friends enjoyed a close collaboration until recently. That is no longer the case, as we know, so Got Friends have moved all their payware and freeware exclusively to their newly-upgraded website.

The team has also decided to give new life to several of their projects, with recent updates that introduced some major changes. Several components of the popular Savage Grravel and Savage Carbon have been remodeled, among other new and upcoming changes.

As of today, this is the list of available freeware downloads from Got Friends:

  • 40th Anniversary Expansion Pack (Bush Beaver, Ski Beaver & Amphibious DC-3)
  • Discus-2c Standard
  • Fokker DR.1
  • Experimental MXA
  • Vertigo
  • MonsterNX Cub
  • Savage Carbon (w/ new 29″ Bush Tires)
  • Savage Grravel (w/ new 35″ Bush Tires and 3-Bladed STOL optimized Prop)
  • Lake Skipper (Newest Release | Recreational Ground Effect Racer)