Aeroplane Heaven releases the Hawker Hurricane Mk1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aeroplane Heaven has unveiled its latest addition to the virtual skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator: the Hawker Hurricane Mk1, a highly detailed rendition of the famous World War II fighter. It is, according to the developers, a tribute to an aircraft that was decisive in the Battle of Britain, where it was responsible for 60% of Luftwaffe losses.

This is quite a comprehensive package from Aeroplane Heaven, who designed the Hurricane Mk1 from factory plans, ensuring a high degree of authenticity. It includes the Battle of Britain Mk1, a Tropicalised version with a Vokes filter, and a Sea Hurricane equipped with a tail-hook for carrier operations.

The add-on includes a fully modeled Rolls Royce Merlin engine and realistic weapon systems, complete with eight guns that made the aircraft a formidable foe in aerial combat. There’s also an array of historical liveries and ground support equipment.

Aeroplane Heaven promises accurate flight dynamics that offer a challenging piloting experience, complemented by a comprehensive WWise sound pack that captures the powerful roar of the Merlin engine.

The Hawker Hurricane, often overshadowed by the more celebrated Supermarine Spitfire, was a linchpin in Britain’s air defense during World War II, particularly during the Battle of Britain. Despite being less maneuverable than the Messerschmitt BF109, the Hurricane’s robust design allowed it to absorb significant damage and continue flying – qualities that made it the aircraft of choice for attacking enemy bombers.

Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Hurricane Mk1 MSFS 1

Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Hurricane Mk1 MSFS 4

Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Hurricane Mk1 MSFS 2

Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Hurricane Mk1 MSFS 3

Aeroplane Heaven is now offering Microsoft Flight Simulator enthusiasts the chance to experience the iconic Hawker Hurricane in a virtual setting. This unique simulation allows simmers to delve into the aircraft’s storied history, experience the thunderous sound of the legendary Merlin engine, and imagine what it would be like to pilot this famed aircraft across the skies of Britain!

The Aeroplane Heaven Hawker Hurricane Mk1 is out now for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It’s available directly from Aeroplane Heaven and third-party stores such as simMarket, priced at $28.99 USD. It will also launch soon in the MSFS Marketplace for PC and Xbox.