Majestic continues working on the Dash-8 for MSFS, release likely in 2025

The Dash-8 Q400 project by Majestic Software for Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a topic of great anticipation within the flight simulation community. Known for their highly detailed and authentic simulation of the Dash-8 for FSX and P3D, Majestic has been working on adapting the beloved regional airliner to the MSFS environment. This adaptation involves not just porting existing systems but enhancing them to leverage the capabilities of the new platform.

Challenges and Developments in 2024

Development updates from Majestic are rare, so when we hear something from the team it’s always reason to get excited. The latest came today and shares promising new insights into the development process. It’s been slow, but it’s getting somewhere!

As the update explains, the year 2024 marks a period of significant advancement albeit interspersed with challenges for Majestic Software. The company faced a setback with the departure of their 3D designer, which put visual development on hold. However, this has not deterred them from pushing forward with the technical aspects of the project.

Majestic Dash 8 P3D not MSFS 1
Sadly, there are no screenshots from MSFS yet. This one is from the P3D version.

At this moment, Majestic has completely revamped the EFIS screens and integrated custom flight dynamics tailored for MSFS while also introducing an EFB compatible with Navigraph Charts for both MSFS and the existing Prepar3D versions.

Majestic Software adopts a cautious approach to project timelines to avoid setting unrealistic expectations within the community. Still, they are hopeful to near completion of the Q400 project by 2025, contingent on ongoing developments progressing as planned.

Exciting news for fans of Majestic and its fantastic Dash-8, even if the project has been underway for a long time. At least there’s strong reassurance that the team is actively working on it, right? As always, we’ll keep an eye on this and let you know of any further developments. Stay tuned!