PILOT’s announces the Citation X+ for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Fresh off the heels of a tantalizing development update regarding their joint project with SimWorks Studios, the Dash 7, PILOT’s has made yet another noteworthy announcement. The development team has confirmed they are now working to bring to MSFS one of the world’s fastest business jets: the Cessna Citation X+!

With a top speed of Mach 0.935, the Citation X+ holds the distinction of being one of the fastest business jets currently in operation. The twin-engine, medium-sized jet can cover a range of just under 3500 nautical miles, making it a preferred choice for transcontinental and transoceanic flights.

PILOT’s promises to recreate the Citation X+ for Microsoft Flight Simulator with realism in mind, complete with Garmin’s state-of-the-art G5000 avionics that also powers the Citation Longitude and recently got a major upgrade with Working Title’s Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 (Update 2 is coming soon, by the way!).

This suite, which includes a trio of high-resolution, wide-format touch-screen flight displays, offers an intuitive interface and sophisticated flight capabilities, which should prove to be a delight for MSFS simmers.

PILOT’s dropped a teaser image showing off the shiny exterior of the aircraft. We’ve got no word on a release date or price just yet. But if their work on the Boeing 314 Clipper is anything to go by, we’re probably in for a bit of a wait on this one. So, while we’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it, we might have to sit tight for a while on this one!