A2A now working on tutorial videos for the Comanche 250 for MSFS, their most ambitious project ever

The much-anticipated Comanche 250 from A2A Simulations, the first entry of the celebrated developer into Microsoft Flight Simulator, is showing very promising signs of being an absolute game-changer. Scott Gentile, the man behind the helm at A2A, recently shared some tantalising tidbits about the progress of this monumental project, and let’s just say – it’s got us all brimming with anticipation!

In a recent community interaction, Gentile hinted at the close-to-completion status of the project, stating, “We’ve begun working on the tutorial videos which says a lot about the state of the project.” He further expressed his awe at the lifelike behaviours of the Comanche 250 within the MSFS environment, which, coming from a man who knows his planes inside out, is a testament to the fidelity and attention to detail that we can anticipate from this release.

Speaking on the project, A2A’s Scott Gentile stated, “It’s mind-blowing experiencing this aircraft behaving precisely like an airplane I know so well.” He later went on to discuss the new Accu-Sim physics and systems that are being rigorously tested using their Comanche model. “There are countless times we run out to test the Comanche against something new against the system. We do it because when everything is right to the core, it’s not just cool to experience, but it makes our quality of life as developers better.”

A2A Comanche 250 for MSFS 3

The level of dedication and commitment to this project is apparent from Gentile’s words. The team has invested over four times the resources and time than any prior aircraft project. According to Gentile, “It’s quite THE project for us.” This commitment is not only about delivering an exceptional product but also about revolutionising the way they create aircraft for flight simulation. And once this new system is fully operational, Scott says there’s no going back to the old way of doing things.

This project began drawing significant attention late last year when A2A announced that the Comanche 250 was nearing beta testing. Since then, the Comanche 250 has continued to evolve, with the new Accu-Sim technology, featuring precise simulation of aircraft behavior, being a significant focus of the developers’ work.

A2A Comanche 250 for MSFS 1

Despite the anticipation, no specific release date has been given for the new Comanche 250. Gentile explained, “These tutorial vids are going to take a while then once done we do a final last run with beta and it’s out. I can’t give a date, we don’t know.”

Regardless, the excitement surrounding A2A’s debut in Microsoft Flight Simulator is undeniable. With the promise of unprecendented high-fidelity realism, A2A’s Comanche 250 is set to make waves once it finally arrives on the platform!