Remember the Dash 7 from PILOT’s and SimWorks Studios? It’s alive!

After many months of silence, PILOT’s has finally provided an update regarding the current status of its collaboration with SimWorks Studios on the Dash 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. There’s good news, as the team responsible for this aircraft has revealed that a release date is finally approaching!

“Today we present some WIP screenshots of the Dash7, which is nearing its release,” the team announced. “We recently finalized the possibility of installing the TDS GTN. Aside from that, we continuously fix bugs and tweak the behavior of the aircraft to fit reality as much as possible. As of now, we estimate one more beta cycle to have her release ready. Fingers crossed!”

Compatibility with the excellent TDS GTNXi is definitely a welcome feature that will offer simmers an advanced and modern navigation solution to complement the otherwise very analog cockpit in the Dash 7.

PILOTs Dash 7 MSFS 6

PILOTs Dash 7 MSFS 3

This project is a joint effort by PILOT’s and SimWorks Studios, announced back in February 2022. Since then, there have been a series of updates, mainly from SWS’s side, showcasing the meticulous work done on the 3D model, animations, and systems.

SimWorks Studios, renowned for their work on the Kodiak 100 and currently in the imminence of launching the highly-anticipated PC-12, is primarily handling the visuals, coding, and flight dynamics of the Dash 7, while PILOT’s is responsible for sound design and other aspects of the project.

The Dash 7 is a unique aircraft, first introduced in 1975. Despite its limited production (just over a hundred units), the turboprop airliner was appreciated for its STOL capabilities. This feature made it a favorite for operations in smaller airports and challenging terrains, much like its smaller counterpart, the Twin Otter.

PILOTs Dash 7 MSFS 8

PILOTs Dash 7 MSFS 7

PILOTs Dash 7 MSFS 4

PILOTs Dash 7 MSFS 2

PILOTs Dash 7 MSFS 1

Throughout 2022, SimWorks Studios and PILOT’s shared numerous progress updates and teaser images of the Dash 7, showcasing the aircraft’s development from a textureless 3D model to its current near-completion state.

The developers have stated before that they aim to make this aircraft accessible to both new and experienced simmers. Although not quite reaching the depth of circuit breaker level simulation, the Dash 7 promises to deliver a rich and immersive flying experience.

Though the release date is yet to be confirmed, the project is expected to undergo one more beta testing cycle before it’s ready for launch. As always, we’ll continue to follow the development of this promising new airliner and will bring you more updates as we await the Dash 7’s final release!