PILOT’S releases the Boeing 314 Clipper for Microsoft Flight Simulator!

After an unusually long period of silence (it’s been almost two years since we’ve heard about this project!), PILOT’S has finally released their rendition of the Boeing 314 Clipper for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the absolute quintessential flying boat of its time and an icon of transatlantic flights!

Known for its long-range capability, the B-314 was a favorite among pilots and passengers alike for its luxurious accommodations and smooth flights. Foynes, in Ireland, played an important role as an aviation hub between North America and Europe during this era, and now virtual pilots in MSFS can recreate the many Atlantic crossings that made the fleet of Pan Am Clippers famous.

Although none of the original 12 Clipper aircraft were preserved, PILOT’S aims to end up with a study-level aircraft, made for MSFS from the ground up, with some features still under construction. So it’s not quite “study-level” yet. The virtual cockpit features an accurately simulated Navigation and Radio Room with Flight Engineer Station, Sperry Type A Gyropilot (partly implemented as of today), and authentic and realistic gauges.

Boeing 314 Clipper MSFS 3

Several variants of the Clipper are included in this package, such as the Single-Fin and Twin-Fin prototypes, or the long-range and more powerful B-314A version. This product also includes custom sounds by ArezOne-Aviation Soundstudios, authentic color matching, and simulated materials of that time. PILOT’S also added comprehensive manuals about the aircraft’s history, functions, and Gyropilot. The developers promise that regular updates will come in the future with new features and enhancements.

In the early days of commercial aviation, transoceanic flights were a rarity, with only a handful of aircraft capable of making the long journey across the vast oceans. Among these pioneers of long-distance air travel was the Boeing Clipper, a flying boat that helped to open up new frontiers in aviation.

The Boeing Clipper was first introduced in 1936 as a passenger aircraft for Pan American Airways. It was designed as a luxurious flying boat that could carry up to 74 passengers in style and comfort on transoceanic routes. With its distinctive hull and four massive engines, the Clipper was a true marvel of engineering, capable of flying at speeds of up to 199 mph and covering distances of over 5,200 miles.

Boeing 314 Clipper MSFS 7

Boeing 314 Clipper MSFS 5

Boeing 314 Clipper MSFS 4

Boeing 314 Clipper MSFS 2

Boeing 314 Clipper MSFS 1

The Clipper quickly became a symbol of the golden age of aviation, with its spacious cabins, plush seats, and elegant decor. Its onboard amenities included a dining room, lounge, and even private staterooms for the most discerning of passengers. For those lucky enough to fly on the Clipper, it was an experience unlike any other, a true journey of a lifetime.

During World War II, the Clipper was used by the US military as a transport aircraft, ferrying troops and supplies across the Pacific Ocean. After the war, the Clipper returned to commercial service, but its glory days were numbered. The advent of faster, more efficient jet aircraft spelled the end for the Clipper, and by the early 1950s, it had been retired from service.

Today, the Boeing Clipper is remembered as one of the great achievements of early aviation. Its legacy lives on in the many flying boats that followed in its wake, and in the memories of the passengers and crew who had the privilege of flying aboard this iconic aircraft. While the Clipper may be gone, its spirit lives on in Microsoft Flight Simulator and in the dreams of those who still yearn to take to the skies and explore the world beyond our shores!

The Boeing 314 Clipper is out now for Microsoft Flight Simulator, priced at $31.00.

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