BlackBox Simulation releases Shorts Regional Premium Edition aircraft lineup for MSFS

It’s one of the quirkiest regional airliners in the sky and it can now be yours in Microsoft Flight Simulator. BlackBox Simulation has released its comprehensive Shorts Regional Premium Edition, a collection of meticulously crafted Shorts aircraft models that includes the Shorts SD3-30 and SD3-60 in passenger and cargo variants, alongside the revered C-23 Sherpa, the military variant.

The meticulous craftsmanship behind these models is evident in the staggering 10,000 lines of custom code that underpin the operational intricacies of the aircraft. From the electrical and hydraulic systems to the avionics and lighting, every aspect is said to be built with authenticity. The avionics alone should be a handful, with a custom-built Collins FC65 Flight director and Autopilot system, a fully customized Garmin AS400 GPS System, and a complete set of NavComm radios, among other state-of-the-art inclusions as stated by the developer.

Blackbox Shorts regional MSFS 4

Externally, the aircraft models should be a visual feast with a full complement of animated rotating beacons, navigation lights, landing lights, and a host of other lighting equipment. The functional windshield wipers, a rarity in simulated aircraft in MSFS, should actually wipe the rain off the screen, which is definitely very cool to see!

The exterior models were based on actual Shorts blueprints, but Blackbox claims the attention to detail extends to the internal configurations as well. There’s a variety of internal setups across the variants, be it fully modeled seats, cargo floors, or paratroop benches, alongside highly interactive panels, ranging from early instruments in the SD330, Sherpa, UTT, and C23A to the modern LED indicators in the SD3-60 and C23B models.

The package also includes a comprehensive manual and a tutorial flight, guiding users through a realistic commercial flight from Blackpool to Belfast.

Blackbox Shorts regional MSFS 1

Blackbox Shorts regional MSFS 3

Blackbox Shorts regional MSFS 2

For those who prefer a specific variant and save some money along the way, BlackBox Simulation plans to provide the aircraft variants separately in differently priced collections. These will feature the Shorts Regional SD3-30 and SD3-60 Editions, to be priced at €39.99 Euros for each package, offering an exquisite selection of passenger and cargo models complete with a rich set of liveries. The SD3-30 Sherpa Edition, priced at €29.99 Euros, will include the UTT, Sherpa, and all C-23 models with seven unique liveries.

The Shorts Regional Premium Edition from Blackbox Simulation, with all the models and liveries included, is available now from the developer’s website for €49.99. It should also be coming soon to the MSFS Marketplace for both PC and Xbox.

Blackbox Simulation is well-known for developing British regional airliners for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Islander and Trislander are cherished aircraft that have garnered a devoted fanbase. Now, the Shorts package is set to make an even more significant impact on the platform. Check them out!