Seafront Simulations releases Vessels: Cape Cod for MSFS

Seafront Simulations is back with a new virtual maritime environment for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the developer brings us a stunning area on the US East Coast with the release of Vessels: Cape Cod.

Vessels: Cape Cod promises to be another meticulously crafted product that brings to life the bustling maritime lanes of the Cape Cod region, including the picturesque islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket. With over 8,500 vessels ranging from small boats to large ships, this scenery aims to enhance the realism for virtual pilots flying over these iconic coastal areas.

As always with Seafront Simulations’ products, this new release also integrates dynamic traffic and local ferry services, creating a living, breathing maritime world. This level of detail ensures that each flight over the Cape Cod area will be as close to reality as possible, providing new vistas when flying near the coast.

seafront cape cod vessels msfs 3

seafront cape cod vessels msfs 1

This new addition to Seafront’s impressive and growing lineup of scenery add-ons for MSFS is available through Orbx and the Marketplace at a modest price of $10.99 USD.

In addition to the Cape Cod release, Seafront Simulations has re-released an updated version of their oldest scenery package, Vessels: The Channel Islands. It has been available for free for PC simmers from OrbxDirect, and it’s now also available on the Marketplace for PC and Xbox for the minimum allowed price of $4.99USD.

The latest version of this package includes the latest VFX from Seafront’s model library, watermask fixes, and enhanced local ferry services, along with increased traffic for a more vibrant environment.

channel islands msfs

Vessels: The Channel Islands features the Crown dependencies of Jersey and Guernsey, along with Alderney. These locations are celebrated for their nautical charm and are ideal for virtual pilots looking for island-hopping adventures.

With these new launches, Seafront Simulations continues to enhance the coastal areas in MSFS and give them life. Learn more about this growing and impressive series on the developer’s website!