‘Sedona Cinematic’ – An outstanding recreation of Sedona’s landscape for Flight Simulator

Sedona is a popular destination for those looking to explore the red rock landscapes, and is full of beautiful locations which can be appreciated both from the ground but also definitely from up in the air. It’s a region that is well replicated in the new Flight Simulator (some of the training missions actually take place there), but now there’s a freeware scenery that improves the region with stunning new detail!

Created by Georender, ‘Sedona Cinematic’ is an overhaul of most of the Sedona region, in Arizona, which turns it into a hugely enjoyable landscape to fly across and explore in your favourite small aircraft.

This scenery can be enjoyed at different times of the day and year, and also with different meteorological conditions. But Sedona is the most beautiful when the suns starts setting on the summer months, and that’s when you should start to see how it looks.

Sedona MSFS

You will find some graphical glitches, which the developer is hoping to have fixed in future versions. It’s also not possible, at this moment, to land on the rock formations, but that’s also something that may change.

Overall, it’s another free scenery pack that dramatically improves the detail on a specific area of the world, and well worth it if you like the region or are just looking to explore an interesting area of the world. If you like this sort of thing, particularly more of an urban landscape, also check this amazing scenery for London!