Pimax Announces Upcoming Launch Event to Unveil New VR Headset

Pimax Technology has officially announced its plans to introduce its latest VR innovations. The company, known for the Pimax Crystal VR headset, has issued an invitation for the community to attend the unveiling event, which is scheduled for Monday, April 15th, and will be streamed on YouTube at 11:00 AM PDT.

This announcement follows the notable success of the Pimax Crystal, a VR headset that established new industry benchmarks with its superior technical specifications, specifically with regard to image quality and clarity. Having garnered significant acclaim, including receiving the 2024 CES Innovation Award and becoming the best-selling product in Pimax’s portfolio, the company is poised to surpass these achievements with its upcoming product launch.

The upcoming event, branded as “2024 Frontier,” serves as Pimax’s annual keynote platform for revealing new products and technological advancements. Participants can anticipate detailed insights into the company’s latest VR headsets and, quite possibly, a follow-up to the Pimax Crystal, which was announced in late 2022.

If you’re passionate about VR, be sure to mark your calendars for Pimax’s live unveiling on April 15th. Will they introduce a lighter, smaller, and more affordable version of the Crystal? Stay tuned to discover what’s next!

Pimax Crystal MSFS 1