SOUTH OAK CO releases “Real Effects: B747-8i” for MSFS

SOUTH OAK CO has announced the release of their new add-on for Microsoft Flight Simulator, “Real Effects: B747-8i“. The developer, who has released a diverse selection of atmospheric effects for MSFS, is now introducing a range of physics-based effects specifically designed for the popular Boeing 747.

“Real Effects” offers an array of features that promise to enhance the visual experience when flying the 747 in MSFS. From engine intake vortices and wing condensation to the rare phenomenon of St. Elmo’s Fire, the add-on covers a wide spectrum of atmospheric and physics-based effects. These features are not merely visual enhancements; they are designed to respond dynamically to real-world variables like throttle adjustments, altitude, temperature, and humidity.

The release comes at an interesting time, as another well-known developer, Parallel 42, recently teased a similar product aimed at enhancing visual effects in Microsoft Flight Simulator. While details about Parallel 42’s “Immersion” package are still under wraps, it appears to be a broader offering that could potentially apply to multiple aircraft. In contrast, SOUTHOAKCO’s “Real Effects” is specifically tailored for the Boeing 747-8i, although it may perfectly extend to other aircraft in the future.

South Oak Boeing 747 effects MSFS 5

South Oak Boeing 747 effects MSFS 4

South Oak Boeing 747 effects MSFS 3

South Oak Boeing 747 effects MSFS 2

South Oak Boeing 747 effects MSFS 1

South Oak Boeing 747 effects MSFS 7

Real Effects: B747-8i includes features like jet blast effects that interact with rain and snow, smoke from overheated brakes, trailing vortices, and much more:

  • Engine Intake Vortices
  • Engine Strake Vortices
  • Wing Condensation
  • Engine Intake Condensation
  • Flap Trailing Vortices
  • Engine Jet Blast for Rain and Snow
  • Smoke for Overheated Brakes
  • Engine Fires
  • Saint Elmo’s Fire

SOUTHOAKCO’s “Real Effects: B747-8i” marks a first step in this kind of add-on for MSFS. While it remains to be seen how this will compare with Parallel 42’s upcoming “Immersion”, SOUTHOAKCO has certainly set a bar by being the first to market with such an offering.

Real Effects: B747-8i is available now via SimMarket, priced at around €8.00 + tax.