FlightControlReplay 5 with fly-by camera now available for MSFS

Fabio Merlo, developer of FlightControlReplay v5, has announced the release of Summer23 Update to the tool, which brings a slew of new features, including the introduction of a Fly-By Camera for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This update was unveiled in July and is now finally available for users of this powerful replay tool for MSFS.

A trailer video by AviationLads showcases the Fly-By Camera feature in all its glory. This new addition to FCR allows users to watch their aircraft from an external camera that automatically follows the plane’s position, whether it’s taxiing, taking off, landing, or cruising. The camera jumps from one position to another along the flight trajectory, offering a cinematic experience that was previously missing from MSFS. Users can customize various aspects of the camera, including its position, angle, and distance, making it a versatile tool for content creation.

While the Fly-By Camera is the star of the show, the Summer23 Update also brings other significant improvements. For those flying the HPG H145 helicopter, the update extends advanced support features, including accurate reproduction of lights, doors, and engine switches. The update also introduces a file compression technology that significantly reduces the disk space required for .FCR user files without compromising on data or visual quality.

Another noteworthy feature is the ability to cut and edit replays directly within the FlightControlReplay interface. Now, with just a few clicks, you can select the start and end points of the sequence you want to delete and save the edited version.

003 PR FCR custom layout 1

The update also enhances the user interface, offering a new mid-size layout and the option to switch between buttons or icon bar styles.

For those still using the older FCR4.5 version, an upgrade to FCR5 is available at a reduced price of €8.25 +tax. For everyone else, FlightControlReplay 5.0 is available for purchase through SimMarket for €20.00 + tax.