FlightControlReplay v5 is out to record and replay your flights in MSFS

FlightControlReplay is one of the only ways to record and replay flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator, and just got a massive update that totally revamps the UI and adds a number of welcome new features!

FlightControlReplay (FCR) has been available for a while for MSFS, offering simmers the chance to replay their flights in the simulator and record videos to save those favorite moments. A new version (v5) has been released this week, introducing a new UI that looks less jarring than previous versions and is more intuitive to use. It’s still not exactly pretty, but it’s a definite improvement!

This revamped interface also adds better integration with MSFS, with a new toolbar window that allows users to record and replay flights without leaving MSFS. It’s a more direct alternative to the native (and clumsy) replay functionality that was added by Asobo a few months back.

Flightcontrolreplay v5 msfs 1 1

Flightcontrolreplay v5 msfs 2 1

Flightcontrolreplay v5 msfs 3

Flightcontrolreplay v5 msfs 4

The new UI is also more customizable in v5. A transparency mode can be enabled to remove the background and leave only the buttons visible. The UI can also be displayed with several levels of complexity, from all buttons on the screen to just the essentials, for a more minimalistic look.

FCR v5 also comes with a few new and innovative features! Content creators will absolutely love the entire feature set in the app, but the new GhostPlane function promises to be especially cool for video makers. With a simple press of a button, FCR v5 spawns an AI aircraft that will follow your flight path, essentially creating a small formation with adjustable position and distance between both aircraft.

flightcontrolreplay v5 msfs 2
FCR’s new integration as a toolbar utility in MSFS.

A new Cinematic Replay mode also aims to make things easier and more relaxed, automatically switching views when watching a replay for a more lean-back experience.

FlightReplayControl v5 is now available exclusively through Simmarket, priced at 20.00€ + tax for new users. Existing owners of the app will unfortunately have to pay an upgrade fee, which is set at 5€ for purchases made after August 1st, and 8.25€ for everybody else.

New features in FCR v5:

  • User Interface 2022
  • Customizable Size and Transparency
  • MSFS Toolbar integration and in-game controls
  • Cinematic Replay with Automatic Cameras Switch
  • GhostPlane : formation flying live with AI duet pilot
  • PMDG and Fenix A320 MSFS Support
  • Next gen memory management for performance upgrade
  • Landing Touchdown Report
  • Crash-to-desktop recovery