Fly-by camera replays will soon come to MSFS with FlightControlReplay

Fabio Merlo, the developer behind FlightControlReplay, one the most comprehensive tools for recording and replaying videos in Microsoft Flight Simulator, has announced a major update to his utility that will soon introduce a much-awaited fly-by camera view for replays!

FlightControlReplay’s Summer ’23 update will soon introduce this feature and allow simmers to observe their aircraft from an external camera that automatically follows the aircraft’s position during replay. This feature works with any aircraft and add-on scenery, providing a cinematic performance of the aircraft’s evolution on the ground and in the air.

The update also extends support for the Hyper Performance Group H145 V2 helicopter. After the initial support introduced in the March ’23 Update, the Summer ’23 Update completes the custom support for this advanced helicopter, including lights, doors, and engine switches.

The Summer ’23 Update also introduces advanced features such as the ability to cut replays and reduce file sizes. Users can now remove unneeded parts of their replays directly from the FlightControlReplay V5 user interface, reducing the final video size and saving disk space.

The user interface of FlightControlReplay V5 also receives additional customization options. Users can now choose between keeping the menu or maintaining the visible buttons command bar in the medium size layout.

The Summer ’23 Update includes:

  • Introduction of Fly-By Camera
  • Enhanced support for HPG H145: lights, doors, engine switches
  • Replay cut feature
  • Reduced file size for .FCR user files
  • Additional customization options for the user interface

The update is set to release before the end of this Summer.

flightcontrolreplay msfs 2

Owners of the older FCR4.5 can upgrade to FCR5 at a reduced price of only EUR 8,25 (+tax). The upgrade ensures users access to the latest replay refinements, performance upgrades, and the widest selection of airliner add-ons compatibility.

FlightControlReplay V5’s existing features include a new user interface, customizable size and transparency, MSFS toolbar integration and in-game controls, cinematic replay with automatic camera switch, GhostPlane for formation flying with AI duet pilot, next-gen memory management for performance upgrade, and landing touchdown report.