FlightControlReplay adds support for the FBW A32NX, Salty’s 747, enhanced support for the Fenix A320, and more

The latest version of FlightControlReplay (FCR), one of the best replay and recording tools for MSFS, is now available with expanded support for the Fenix A320 and integration with FlyByWire’s freeware A32NX and Salty’s 747-400 Mod.

The improvements for the Fenix A320 include support for all FCU, lights, APU video recording, and replay, along with 100% accuracy of spoilers, flaps, and gear animations. On the other hand, the HPG H145 helicopter now integrates the FCR interface in its cockpit tablet, starting with the reproduction of cyclic pedals and collective control. In the future, there will be a complete integration of FlightControlReplay V5 with HPG products for full animation support during Replay and Video recording.

The update also brings Xbox Adaptive Controller support, enabling players with reduced mobility to enjoy their flight simming hobby even more.

New replay improvement options, such as automatic recording when starting a new flight and pausing the recording when pausing the simulator, have also been added to this latest version of FCR based on user feedback.

Existing key features of FlightControlReplay V5 include a new user interface with customizable size and transparency, MSFS toolbar integration and in-game controls, cinematic replay with automatic camera switching, GhostPlane for formation flying with AI duet pilot, next-gen memory management for performance upgrades, and a landing touchdown report.

This update to FCR is available for free for existing owners of the tool. For everyone else, FlightControlReplay is available through Simmarket, priced at €20 + tax.

As part of its commitment to accessibility, FCR is partnering with Flylillo to create the first virtual cockpit emulation for the Xbox Adaptive Controller. This separate project aims to combine Microsoft’s device with Logitech G’s HUB software manager to provide a better flying experience for disabled simmers. Microsoft officially supports this initiative, emphasizing its dedication to accessibility as one of its core values. More information about the collaboration can be found in this Community Spotlight post featuring Lillo and Roberto.