KatiePilot, the developer behind the EFB on the Fenix A320, announces efbPro, a customisable standalone EFB

Are you an admirer of the EFB found on the Fenix A320? If you’re intrigued by its impressive capabilities and seek more of such cutting-edge features in your flight simulation experience, then prepare for an exciting update. Twitch streamer KatiePilot, a real-world Airbus pilot and the genius behind the much-lauded Fenix EFB, has announced efbPro – a pioneering standalone EFB engineered to create a versatile ecosystem that users will be able to customise to their personal preference.

According to Thresholdx, efbPro is fully rooted in real-world units and will allow users to modify the background, manage its apps and adjust accessibility settings, providing a user-tailored experience. Additionally, efbPro is set to include a dedicated app store, a novel feature that promises endless possibilities to both users and developers.

KatiePilot Efbpro MSFS 3

KatiePilot Efbpro MSFS 2

With full integration of SimBrief, weather monitoring, aircraft performance calculation, and a built-in PDF reader for Flight Crew Operations Manuals, efbPro aims to be a comprehensive tool that will encapsulate all aspects of flight preparation and execution in a single platform.

What sets efbPro apart is its standalone functionality, making it compatible with any sim or device, including tablets, laptops, and second monitors. Although some apps will feature direct MSFS integration, the software can be used irrespective of the simulation platform.

Writing on AVSIM’s forums, KatiePilot provided further insight into the vision of efbPro. It will not just be a tool for the end-user but also serve as a valuable framework for other developers. They can build and distribute aircraft-specific EFB apps, providing immense value for those who don’t want to code an EFB from scratch.

KatiePilot Efbpro MSFS 1
Third-party developers will be able to create apps for simmers to use in efbPro.

In KatiePilot’s own words: “The idea being that you can customize YOUR efbPro with the apps you want on your device rather than it being a pre-prescribed EFB setup that we’re used to in flight simulation. Trying to drive the EFB market to a more customizable solution and put the user in the driving seat of their simulation experience.

Notably, efbPro app will be available for free, although developers may charge for specific apps within the efbPro app store. There’s no confirmed release date yet, but we will keep you updated as we learn more about this exciting project!