Aerosoft Delays A330 Release for MSFS 2024 (Update: Still Coming to MSFS 2020)

Update, January 23 – We have received an update from Aerosoft’s PR clarifying that, despite the launch delay to align with the release of MSFS 2024, the Airbus A330 will also be made available for MSFS 2020.

Big news today coming from Aerosoft’s headquarters regarding their much-anticipated (and seemingly forgotten in recent months…) Airbus A330 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Perhaps expectedly, given the seemingly slow development pace of this project over the past year, Aerosoft announced today that the A330 is now planned to be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

According to the latest information shared on the project’s official website, Aerosoft’s strategic shift aims to broaden the project’s scope, promising a more complete and comprehensive package for simmers. These improvements will include multiple engine options and the simultaneous release of the CEO and NEO variants.

It is truly heartbreaking news for simmers looking to get their hands on the long-awaited aircraft while MSFS 2020 remains the main focus in the industry. It’s also a definite test of the patience of simmers who have been anticipating this addition to their virtual hangars. After all, the Aerosoft A330 has been in development for MSFS for roughly 3 years.

This announcement also adds uncertainty to the potential release date of the product. We know Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024 will be out this year, but Aerosoft hasn’t clearly stated that the A330 will launch concurrently with MSFS 2024. It may even slip beyond this year, as the release date of MSFS 2024 itself is still unclear.

So, there you have it. The Aerosoft A330 will be released for MSFS 2024, and it will also be available for MSFS 2020 by that time. We may hear more developments on this soon, so stay tuned!