Passenger2 Releases Live Pricing Feature in Latest Update

Passenger2, the popular passenger and crew simulation addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has announced an interesting update aimed at “putting the fun into flight pricing.” The new feature, ‘Live Pricing,’ introduced in version of the software, is a free update for all users.

Launched in November 2023, Passenger2 quickly garnered attention in the flight simulation community for its approach to enhancing the in-game passenger and crew experience, with hints of airline business simulation as well. The addon has evolved through several updates, each incorporating feedback from its user community.

So, what exactly is “Live Pricing” in Passenger2? This innovative feature allows users to dynamically set ticket prices within a 45-second booking window. The concept is to simulate a more realistic and challenging pricing environment in real time. Users face the decision of balancing ticket prices to optimize seat sales while generating higher revenue, mirroring real-world airline pricing strategies.

Scott Thompson, the Lead Developer of Passenger2, commented on the new feature. “This new feature will require some strategy,” he noted. “Live Pricing is a new feature of its kind and takes Passenger2 to a new level.”

Looking ahead, Passenger2 plans to introduce more unique features, including aircraft upgrades, leasing options, and maintenance aspects.

Watch the video above to see Live Pricing in action in Passenger2. This feature is now available with version, which was released today.