//42 Campout brings enormous immersion potential to MSFS with dynamic real-time object placement

//42 released these days their latest product for Microsoft Flight Simulator. “Campout” is a new add-on that allows simmers to set camp anywhere in the world, build their own cozy place in the wilderness and have that persist in the world. But more than that, it opens an incredible range of possibilities for simmers to enjoy the world in MSFS even more!

Campout’s basic principle is rather straightforward. Users get access to a very intuitive toolbar utility in MSFS that enables the real-time placement of a series of camping-themed objects around the aircraft. For now, these include tents, chairs, campfires, cooking paraphernalia, and a few more. Some react to wind, such as smoke canisters and the portable windsock, and //42 plans to add a greater variety of objects in the future like military and hunting equipment.

Got the idea? This may not sound like much for an airliner pilot, but those who enjoy bush flying can certainly begin to imagine how cool Campout can be! Picture this: you fly up to a mountain somewhere, find a nice little landing spot with a great view and get the satisfaction of putting your plane down there safely. Then, using Campout, you can set up a little camp as the sun goes down, giving way to the serene and comforting light of the campfire you just lit up.

Parallel 42 Campout MSFS 2
Set up a base… anywhere!

Now, simmers can surely get creative with this idea. You can, for example, place a few campfires around the landing area you just discovered, and go out for a flight at dusk knowing that, when you return to the base, that landing spot will be nicely visible amidst the darkness of the night. The potential is huge!

Every object you place in the world remains there until it’s removed by you, or is automatically scrapped by the system following 7 days since the last visit to the site. This is a way for //42 to ensure good performance in the simulator by preventing users from littering the world with thousands of objects, further complemented by a clever “Eco Credit” system that ensures that there’s a limited number of objects that can be active in the world at the same time, which is both good for the environment and for the good behavior of the sim!

Campout works with every aircraft, anywhere in the world. A small bush plane like //42’s very own FreedomFox or Fox2 is a natural choice, but is not required to use Campout. Any aircraft works! The utility even allows users to save custom campouts per aircraft and share them with friends, so they can be viewed by them in the multiplayer world!

Parallel 42 Campout MSFS 7

Parallel 42 Campout MSFS 6

Parallel 42 Campout MSFS 5

Parallel 42 Campout MSFS 4

Parallel 42 Campout MSFS 1

With Campout, //42 is adding a significant immersion boost to MSFS. It’s now up to them to continue to improve the product, especially with the addition of new objects, because the UI is already a joy to use.

//42 Campout is now available through Orbx, priced at around $25/€25. Price will go up slightly after the release of the first themed packs, so now is your chance to grab this add-on at a special entry price.

Main Features:

  • DOES NOT REQUIRE //42 FreedomFox/Fox2
  • Works with ANY aircraft, ANYWHERE
  • Built following current MSFS SDK Standards
  • Optimized for XBOX controller use
  • Pack/Unpack button for quick management of items in proximity
  • Sets allow you to create & save custom campouts per aircraft
  • Worldwide object persistence
  • Eco Credit system to manage in-sim ‘littering”
  • Intelligent purging system(s) to protect sim performance
  • In-sim management of complete product/features
  • Over a dozen placeable objects, variations/options when applicable
  • Wind reactive objects include Tents, Portable Windsock & Smoke Canisters
  • Additional themed objects to be released. Military, Hunting, Festival…
  • Oddly satisfying sounds when placing objects.
  • Custom sounds for key objects such as campfires.
  • Share system allows you to share campouts with friends

  • 10% OFF for FreedomFox/Fox2 owners via Orbx until September 3, 2022
  • Price will adjust to US$29.99 upon release of the first themed object pack(s)