The “FreedomFox” is now available for MSFS, a Parallel 42 / Trent Palmer collaboration

Parallel 42 announced the development of Trent Palmer’s “FreedomFoxback in July, and now, half a year since that initial unveiling, the awesome STOL performer is finally available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Along with its owner, the FreedomFox is sort of a Youtube celebrity, a highly customized Series 5 Kitfox STi made specifically for short take-offs and landings. Trent Palmer and Parallel 42, worked together to recreate the unique characteristics of this airplane in Microsoft Flight Simulator, hoping to turning it into the ultimate backcountry explorer.

As the real FreedomFox continues to be modded and improved by Trent Palmer, Parallel 42 also promises to keep up with these developments, as long as MSFS allows the implementation of whatever new features the real aircraft may gain in the future. Note that, as it stands, this package is still not entirely complete. The developers promise new features to come soon, such as interactive checklists, custom visual effects, improved lighting, and various improvements to the 3D model both inside and in the outside of the aircraft.

Trent Palmer FreedomFox kitfox msfs 9

Trent Palmer FreedomFox kitfox msfs 8

Trent Palmer FreedomFox kitfox msfs 7

Trent Palmer FreedomFox kitfox msfs 6

Trent Palmer FreedomFox kitfox msfs 5

Trent Palmer FreedomFox kitfox msfs 4

Trent Palmer FreedomFox kitfox msfs 3

Trent Palmer FreedomFox kitfox msfs 2

The FreedomFox has a flight model that was created by Got Gravel, tested and approved by Trent Palmer himself, so you know you’re getting a realistic experience. But there’s a second aircraft in the package that deserves attention as well. Parallel 42 is calling it the Fox2, their unique customization of the Series 5 Kitfox STi, which includes an experimental engine upgrade and additional liveries. The developers include a Mod Manager in the package that allows bonus content to be installed once it becomes available. New Fox2 mods, liveries and even bush sceneries are planned for the future, so you can make the Fox2 your very own aircraft.

The FreedomFox & Fox2 should be two very fun bush airplanes, and if you follow Trent Palmer’s adventures on Youtube, you’ll be able to replicate in MSFS many of the bush trips that have been featured on the channel.

//42 FreedomFox & Fox2 are now available through Orbx, priced at around US$29.96 | €26,54 | £22.61.

Main Features

  • Fun.
  • GotGravel STOL flight model, tested by Trent Palmer
  • Mod Manager w/bonus content
  • Exclusive “Desert Oasis” Photosbykev scenery
  • Trent Palmer pilot avatar by TwoSeventyInc
  • Additional GotGravel performance mods for Fox2
  • Dual Garmin G3X Units
  • Realistic electrical system fault/overload simulation
  • Accurate 3D Model based on Kitfox Series 5 STi
  • Beringer Aero wheels and brakes
  • Custom flaperon implementation
  • Window scratches as you’ve never seen before! (optional)
  • Free liveries forever. (we love artists)
  • Custom suspension animations
  • Actual Big Tires
  • OneWheel & Camping gear included
  • & Wig-Wag lights.