FS2Crew releases SOP 2 for the PMDG 737

FS2Crew has announced the release of the SOP 2 version of its crew simulation software for the PMDG 737. This new version promises a unique experience for simmers, offering a different set of checklists, callouts, and procedures compared to its predecessor, SOP 1.

While SOP 1 followed more traditional stock Boeing procedures, SOP 2 takes a different approach. The procedures in SOP 2 are based on those used by a real-world European low-cost operator (Ryanair, apparently), offering a fresh perspective and a new set of challenges for virtual pilots.

The key distinction between SOP 1 and SOP 2 lies in the level of engagement required from the user, who assumes the role of either the Captain or Pilot Flying. In SOP 2, the user becomes more actively involved in the flight simulation process, assuming a larger share of responsibilities. This includes performing more hands-on tasks such as flipping switches and managing other controls.

This expansion pack for the MSFS PMDG 737 is designed to enhance the realism of simmers’ flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator. It allows users to operate their PMDG 737 using real-world procedures in a multi-crew environment. Users can interact with the software using either voice or button control, sharing the workload with a simulated First Officer. This offers a more realistic experience than handling all operations single-handedly.

SOP 2 is a standalone product, separate from FS2Crew SOP 1, which was launched in December. SOP 2 is now available for purchase through FS2Crew’s website for €24.95.