SimWorks Studios announces TBM Series for MSFS, updates on Kodiak 900 development

SimWorks Studios is currently in the final stages of development of its highly awaited PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The talented team of developers has been pushing forward on this project for a while and it all seems to be falling in place for a release in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, the team is also working on other projects and planning their roadmap for the months to come. This week, an exciting update from the team brings to the spotlight other compelling airplanes the team is starting to work on, including an update to a previously announced one (the Kodiak 900) and the official announcement that they will also be delving into the development of the TBM Series of aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, as we speculated earlier this year!

You may remember when, back in February, we discovered that SimWorks Studios was working on four aircraft from Daher, the French manufacturer who owns the TBM and Kodiak brands. SimWorks Studios has now revealed that the team signed a license with Daher which permits them to create the TBM850, 910, and 960 for MSFS. Work on these aircraft will begin in August!

MSFS TBM Liveries 15 edited
The only TBM currently available for MSFS is the 930 from Asobo.

Although the release is some way off, there is a significant advantage in that most of the necessary avionics will be ready in advance. “The EFIS40 of the TBM850 is very similar to what’s used on the PC-12, while the G1000 and G3000 have finally matured and support a plugin system which will help us create an authentic avionics package,” shared the team. Furthermore, the TBMs will inherit all the codebase of the Kodiaks and PC-12, meaning a lot of groundwork will be completed ahead of time, while still improving upon whatever the previous aircraft offer.

SimWorks Studios has also unveiled a render of their upcoming Kodiak 900, the first we hear about this project following its announcement earlier this year. The team has now shared that the exterior model of the Kodiak 900 has been completed and the interior is nearing completion.

“The Kodiak 900 exterior model is complete and ready to get in the simulator,” said SimWorks Studios. The high commonality between the Kodiak 100 and 900 models has allowed them to set up and test the new aircraft in a short amount of time. The solid code base from the 100 means that the team can focus on refining and improving the 900 rather than starting from scratch. Additionally, the improved 3D model ensures better looks and performance.

These are definitely wonderful news from SimWorks Studios that allow simmers to look forward to the team’s projects beyond the PC-12. Let’s hope that one comes out fairly soon and, hopefully, the TBMs will follow shortly. That would be quite something!