The HPG H145 reaches v.1.0 with dramatic trailer video. All variants now available!

The H145 helicopter from Hype Performance Group has been one of the most interesting projects to follow over the last 18 months in the history of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The initial skepticism from the community when the project was first announced was met with dedication and support from Hype Performance Group, who delivered on all their promises… and then some!

It’s quite fascinating going back all these months and realizing how things have changed. HPG is now squarely enjoying the status of a respected and very talented team of developers, who have just reached a major milestone with the H145 helicopter: Version 1.0 is now out, turning the H145 package into a comprehensive “feature-complete” product that matches all the expectations set by the development team from the start.

We’ve seen the H145 grow and grow over the months, from the first flyable build release just over a year ago, to the introduction of each successive new variant and even the surprising expansion into wildfire-fighting and emergency-capable Action variants. The third and last of these models, the Offshore and Cargo variants, have now been released to complete the whole product set. And they come with a fantastic cinematic trailer that celebrates this milestone with aplomb!

Aero Odyssey’s work with the video really showcases the H145 in a very convincing way, while also providing a sneak peek into Aerosoft’s upcoming Offshore Industries: North-Western Europe (more news on that soon!).

The new Offshore and Cargo variants come with unique new missions and features, of course. These include a functional cargo hook, audio guidance, hoisting to moving targets, and more!

This new version of the H145 also updates the base package with the customary bug fixes and the introduction of the Hype Radio.

Despite this major milestone, Hype Performance Group promises to continue developing the H145 into an even better helicopter, especially after the release, next month, of Sim Update 11. Helicopter support will officially come to MSFS and, with it, we’re expecting to see much-improved mechanics and flight modeling tools for developers to use in their products. HPG will surely take advantage of that over the coming months, so there are still plenty of reasons to get excited about future updates!

And now… on to the next helicopter! HPG revealed that they are already preparing for it… stay tuned!