SimWorks Studios advances on PC-12 development with major system updates

After a brief period of quiet, the team at SimWorks Studios (SWS) has broken the silence with substantial progress on their much-anticipated PC-12 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The latest development update brings us closer to the “finish line,” showcasing the completion of the aircraft’s electrical systems, significant advancements in avionics, and nearly finished interior modeling and lighting​.

SimWorks Studios reveals that, in the cockpit, the EADI (Electronic Attitude Director Indicator) is now fully operational, and the finishing touches are being added to the EHSI (Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator). This marks a substantial step forward in the plane’s avionics development, bringing it closer to the real-life counterpart as initially envisioned by SWS.

Meanwhile, the interior design of the plane is nearing completion, with 90% of the interior textures now in place. Night lighting is also being gradually implemented into the cabin and cockpit, adding to the immersive flight simulation experience that SWS aims to offer. Although the exterior lighting of the PC-12 is now fully functional, the developers noted that there are a “couple of quirks” that still need to be addressed.



This development progress comes after a series of updates that highlighted the team’s commitment to creating a detailed and immersive simulation of the PC-12.

The developers have previously mentioned that the PC-12 will be released in “two or three stages” to ensure that each stage meets the high standards set by the team. The first stage will include the four-bladed PC-12/47 variant, a detailed exterior, a fully animated cockpit with custom EFIS50, EIS, KR87/GNS530/430, executive and combi interiors, hot starts, residual ITT, engine wear, and the Sky4Sim tablet for PC users.


Future updates will introduce a five-bladed propeller variant, cargo and commuter interiors, weather RADAR, bug fixes, and an SWS tablet, providing simmers with more options for customization and immersion. Additionally, an expansion is in the works, which will include an aircraft walk-around mode, random failures, wear and tear, removable reds and chocks, and functionality for servicing the plane and resetting failures, adding another layer of realism to the SWS PC-12 experience.

This update came accompanied by the most detailed and impressive preview images yet of the PC-12’s cockpit. It now looks very much near complete, with working systems, illuminated displays, lighting, and so on. This is easily one of the most highly-anticipated airplanes currently in development for MSFS and it seems to be quickly approaching a release. Hopefully it won’t take long!