AzurPoly announces development of the Fouga CM.170 Magister for MSFS

French development studio AzurPoly, who created the BD-5J for Microsoft Flight Simulator, has announced a new aircraft, keeping up with the continuous stream of airplane announcements from the third-party MSFS development community. After the unusual BD-5J, AzurPoly is now working on the Fouga CM.170 Magister, one of the first jet-powered French airplanes.

Following on the learnings from the development of the BD-5J, AzurPoly is now looking to recreate this piece of French aeronautical history, hoping to achieve a higher quality standard in what is, effectively, a more complex and nuanced machine.

The Fouga Magister’s development is still at an early stage, in what AzurPoly is calling a “pre-Alpha” phase. Work on the 3D model is now underway, and there’s no information about any of the systems or even internal modeling. But the team wants to create a faithful aircraft and is looking for feedback from anyone who has technical information on the airplane.

Fouga magister msfs 2

Fouga magister msfs 1

The Fouga CM.170 Magister was designed in France in the early 1950s, and is recognizable by its distinct V-tail (quite curiously, today we saw the release of another aircraft with a V-tail, the Bonanza 35). It ended up serving the role of a trainer airplane, but was also adopted as an aerobatic aircraft and even in close air support roles in some air forces around the world.

For now, we have only a small selection of images of the external model of the CM.170, but hopefully the development of this project will continue at a steady pace and AzurPoly will be able to share additional information soon.