The prestigious V-tail Bonanza H35 is now available for MSFS

A little over a month after the release of the Bonanza Debonair 35 for Microsoft Flight Simulator, BRsim Designs has returned with a new model of the Bonanza. This time, we are getting the famous and luxurious V-tail Bonanza, known for its iconic tail and an infamous reputation as the “Doctor killer”.

BRsim Designs did a good job with the conventional-tailed Bonanza, which was well-received by simmers when it was released last September. It features a detailed interior and exterior model, a fully clickable cockpit and realistic animations, and the developer has been quick to respond to user feedback and issuing updates that improve the overall product. BRsim Designs has now brought this work to the V-tail version of the Bonanza, an elegant aircraft with a very distinctive feature.

On first impressions, this appears to be a very similar package to the previous release of the Debonair 35. It will be interesting to see if the V-tail aircraft behaves differently, as it should, when compared with the conventional version. When it was introduced, the Model 35 became instantly recognizable, since no other GA airplane at the time used a V-shaped tail section. This went one to become a major selling point for the Bonanza, but also came with its own set of drawbacks, such as stability problems and structural failures.

In any case, MSFS is a safe world to explore in any aircraft, so lets disregard any inferior safety records and enjoy this stylish airplane, which is now available at Simmarket for 24€. And there’s good news to existing owners of the Debonair 35, who can get this new model with a nice discount.

Bonanza 35 v tail msfs 3

Bonanza 35 v tail msfs 2

Bonanza 35 v tail msfs 1

Main features:

  • 8 liveries
  • High detailed interior and exterior 3D models
  • 4K textures with full PBR materials
  • Custom interior night lightining with individual spotlight for each instrument.
  • All switches, knobs, levers and handlers operable (including push to test lights and circuit breakers)
  • Default GPA, AERA touchpad, transponder, autopilot, radio panel, CDI and ADF
  • Static elements (wheel chocks, pitot cover, engine cover and windshield cover)
  • Optional digital attitude indicator and optional winglets (above tip tanks)
  • Airplane options panel to control static elements, windshield cover, baggage door, winglets, digital attitude indicator and AERA touchpad)
  • Baggage objects visibility according to baggage station weight
  • Operable main door, baggage door and window vent
  • Extra wing tip tanks (120 us. gallon total)
  • Fuel transfer system for the tip tanks
  • Documentation and checklist (including MSFS checklist)