BlackBox Simulation releases the BN-2A Trislander for MSFS

BlackBox Simulation (BBS) has released a brand new aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, coming just in time for this weekend. The Britten Norman BN-2A Trislander, a longer, trimotor derivative of the Islander, is now available for MSFS simmers to fly in what BBS claims to be a “study-level” representation of the aircraft.

The Trislander was announced earlier this year and, in typical BBS fashion, development was swift and effective, bringing the product to a release just a few months later.

The Trislander is an iconic island-hopper, featuring exceptional low-speed handling capabilities which allow it to use small and unprepared runways to operate in and out off. It was developed during the 1970s to complement the Islander as an aircraft with a larger capacity.

This is an aircraft that will hardly win any beauty contest, but we can’t deny it looks the part. With its long fuselage, pointy nose, and distinctive three-engine configuration, it’s easily recognizable anywhere it goes. BlackBox Simulation saw this aircraft as the natural successor to the Islander, the perfect opportunity for the developer to also up the anthem and apply the learnings from previous releases (which also include the  Scottish Aviation Bulldog and the Cessna L-19) on this new project for MSFS.

BlackBox Trislander MSFS 5

BlackBox Trislander MSFS 4

BlackBox Trislander MSFS 2

BlackBox Trislander MSFS 1

BBS has set the stakes high with the Trislander, calling it a “study-level” product that should fulfill the demands of the most serious simmers. BBS promises a highly detailed and accurate 3D model that is accompanied by a realistic WWise sound pack and 22 liveries from real-world operators from all across the world.

The Trislander already supports the new and improved computational fluid dynamics and propeller simulations that were recently added to MSFS, so we should expect a very good flight model that will hopefully meet the real-world numbers. But BBS is going beyond that in terms of accurate rendition of systems and handling, with the implementation of authentic fuel and electric systems, including fully functional circuit breakers.

This appears to be another great addition to the hangar of many MSFS simmers, who are now getting a consistent flow of high-quality airplanes just a few days apart. We’re truly living an early golden age of aircraft for MSFS, with great new products such as the BAe 146, the MD-82, the C310R, and the Trislander coming to the platform in the last two weeks alone. And the PMDG 737 is right around the corner, scheduled for a release just in a few hours, on May 9th!

If the Trislander has grabbed your interest with its funky looks and promising features in this simulation from BBS, then go a get your copy directly from the developer’s website, where it’s priced at €29.99. A release in the Marketplace should take place in a few weeks.