Watch this preview of the BN-2A Trislander, coming very soon to MSFS

BlackBox Simulations announced the development of the Britten Norman Trislander for Microsoft Flight Simulator last month, at the time with a single teaser image depicting some of the instruments of the aircraft. Now, more than a month later and inching closer to a release date, the Trislander has been further previewed with a variety of new images and even some videos!

The Trislander is definitely a weird-looking machine, with three engines and a long fuselage that is hardly elegant. However, it has proven to be a rugged airplane, a great island-hopper that should perfectly complement its smaller brother, the Islander.

BlackBox Simulations said that the Trislander was scheduled to come out during March, which is now coming to an end. An exact release date has yet to be revealed, but the developer is now comfortable enough with the product to provide early access to some content creators. Therefore, we’re starting to see some detailed footage of the aircraft, such as in the video below, courtesy of AvAngel on Youtube:

From the video, the Trislander does appear to be very functional, with no major features missing. BBS products have always been a balanced compromise between visuals, features, and pricing, and the Trislander should be no exception. It won’t win any awards in terms of graphical fidelity or texture quality, but its systems and flight model should be quite decent!

Once it releases, the Trislander will come with Aurigny’s 3-blade, long nose, short nose, and freight versions. The flight model is expected to be quite accurate, as should be the fuel and electrical systems. There will also be a good variety of initial liveries from most known operators.

BlackBox Simulations should release the Trislander very soon, so stay tuned to learn further details about pricing and the actual release date.

Blackbox Trislander MSFS 4

Blackbox Trislander MSFS 3

Blackbox Trislander MSFS 2

Blackbox Trislander MSFS 1