BlackBox Simulation teases the BN-2A Trislander for MSFS

It’s been a while since we last heard of BlackBox Simulation (BBS), the team that has already brought us an interesting selection of airplanes: the Scottish Aviation Bulldog, the Cessna L-19, and the BN-2 Islander. After some months with no news about a potential follow-up to these releases, BBS is now back with a little tease for what’s coming next: another member of the Britten-Normal family, the BN-2A Trislander!

The Trislander will feel familiar to those accustomed to flying the BN-2 Islander. After all, it’s based on that aircraft, with the addition of a third engine in the back and a longer fuselage. The end result is… fascinating, let’s say. Some may call it ugly, while others will appreciate the no-frills design. It flies and lands slow, and carries up to 18 passengers – perfect for island-hopping in the British Isles, exactly what it was designed to do.

After more than 50 years in service – while it’s old, some companies still operate the type – the Trislander is now also coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. BlackBox Simulation will surely apply here the learnings acquired with the development of the Islander, which is a capable and well-reviewed aircraft in the platform.

bn 2a trislander
The divisive looks of the real plane.

BlackBox Simulation teased this new project with a single image, depicting a section of the airplane’s instrument panel. BBS says they are aiming for a release already next month, March 2022, if all goes well.

While we can’t tell much from the single image that was shared, at least it appears to have some nicely detailed instruments. Hopefully, the following weeks will bring some newer and more varied images, so we can see exactly how this beauty is looking in MSFS. Until then, plan your trips around the Channel Islands and get ready for some island-hopping in this STOL-capable airliner!