The PMDG 737-700 is finally coming to MSFS this Monday, May 9th

At long last, the day is finally coming, everyone! After many long months of waiting for this news, PMDG has finally unveiled today the scheduled release date for the hugely-anticipated Boeing 737 for MSFS. It won’t quite be ready for this weekend, as predicted last week, but it won’t miss that mark by much. This Monday, May 9th, you’ll finally be able to get your hands on the PMDG 737 for MSFS!

This is huge news for Microsoft Flight Simulator simmers, who have been craving a truly high-level airliner to play with in the simulator. Suddenly, in the scope of a week, we got two such products, the Just Flight 146 and Fly the Maddog X, a busy time that will now culminate with PMDG’s release. It’s Airliner Season in MSFS!

Folks were already sighing in slight disappointment as the weekend was starting without any news from Robert Randazzo and Co. After the recent estimation that pointed to a possible release this weekend, everyone was eagerly waiting to hear back from PMDG, hoping to finally learn about the release date and possibly new information as well.

Today, Robert Randazzo finally revealed the much-coveted date in a video posted on the PMDG Youtube channel. There, PMDG’s boss highlights the thousands of hours of work put by the team into this project, which has far exceeded the development expectation they had once first started working on this product back in 2019. Thankfully, all this hard work is now coming to light this next week for everyone to see.

The last time we heard about the 737, PMDG told us that there were still a couple of issues blocking the release, but that the team was hoping to clear them fairly soon. That appears to be the case, knowing now that the aircraft is actually being released on short notice, but that doesn’t mean it will be perfect from the let go. PMDG is quite upfront about that, saying the improvements and enhancements to the base package will be frequent. Furthermore, we’re expecting the see the other variants in the 737 over the next few months, starting with the -600, then the -800, and finally the -900. The more recent and ill-fated Max model is also coming… eventually!

While we now know when the PMDG 737 is finally coming out for MSFS, there’s still a crucial bit of information missing at this point: pricing. Hopefully, we’ll be getting more information about that prior to the actual date.