PMDG hoping to release the 737 for MSFS in time for next weekend!

Looking for some high-quality airliners to take to the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator? After many long months of waiting, the time for the big jets has seemingly arrived with aplomb, as MSFS simmers suddenly get the opportunity to burn a hole in their pockets with the purchase of new high-quality jetliners.

The Just Flight 146 Professional and the Maddog MD-82 arrived just in time for this weekend, but if you’re already planning for what’s coming next, be ready to get your hands on the hugely-anticipated PMDG 737… which might be arriving just in time for the following weekend!

We’ve known for a while that PMDG’s work on the Boeing 737 for MSFS is just about finished, with only a few remaining issues to iron out. This list of necessary fixes has now been reduced to just two, according to Robert Randazzo, PMDG’s boss. In today’s development update, Randazzo reveals that everything is ready at PMDG for the release, except for those two “blockers” that still need to be fixed (one being the now infamous landing bug that gained notoriety after TheFlyingFabio’s first live stream with the aircraft).

pmdg 737 msfs videos 3

The good news is that the team at PMDG has managed to get some data that will prove to be helpful in troubleshooting this problem, which they are now doing together with Asobo. After the extensive testing that is expected to take place this weekend, and if a fix is finally found, PMDG will finally be able to release the package.

Airliner Season in MSFS is in full swing!

This is naturally great news, and it’s definitely something we should keep an eye out for in the coming days. If PMDG does end up fixing the remaining problems soon, then the next update from Randazzo should be more specific about the release schedule and also about pricing, which is something we still don’t know much about.

In the meantime, PMDG published a couple of new videos in its ongoing series destined to introduce simmers to the 737. This time, the videos explain the view controls in the PMDG 737 and how to use them during flight, and also the extensive customization options available to configure the equipment and operation of the PMDG 737 to user preference. Grab some popcorn and watch them below!