Aerosoft’s stunning Mega Airport Oslo-Gardermoen is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aerosoft has released today its latest Mega Airport scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator: ENGM Oslo-Gardermoen. This release, meticulously developed by renowned scenery artist Jo Erlend, offers a high-fidelity virtual experience of Norway’s largest and busiest airport. And it’s an absolute stunner!

Located in the heart of Norway, Oslo-Gardermoen Airport serves as a crucial hub for Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, and Widerøe. Despite the global slowdown in air travel in 2020, the airport saw over nine million passengers, which highlights its important role in the region.

This new airport from Jo Erlend, who previously brought us the excellent scenery for Brussels Airport, strives to capture every aspect of Oslo’s bustling hub with an unprecedented level of detail and realism. The task was challenging, particularly in light of Orbx’s impressive offerings, yet this release stands out as a stellar example of virtual airport design in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Aerosoft Oslo Airport MSFS 26

Aerosoft Oslo Airport MSFS 30

Aerosoft Oslo Airport MSFS 27

Aerosoft Oslo Airport MSFS 28

Aerosoft Oslo Airport MSFS 29

Aerosoft Oslo Airport MSFS 31

Key Features of Aerosoft’s Oslo-Gardermoen Airport:

  • Highly Detailed Models and Textures: The airport features up-to-date layouts as of April 2024, including highly detailed models and high-resolution textures. This includes accurate representations of terminal buildings, hangars, and other critical infrastructure.
  • Dynamic and Immersive Environment: Users will experience a lively airport atmosphere with custom vehicle traffic on the apron, ambient passenger movements inside the terminals, and detailed interior modeling of all terminal piers. The inclusion of train and road traffic near the airport adds another layer of realism.
  • Advanced Lighting and Sound Systems: This scenery includes dynamic nighttime lighting and a variety of sound effects utilizing Wwise technology to enhance the airport’s ambiance. Custom runway and taxiway lighting systems are designed to mimic the real-world layouts closely.
  • Custom Features: Unique to this scenery are the custom wind turbine models of the nearby Odal wind farm and animated hangar doors with proximity triggers for airlines like Norwegian Air Shuttle and Norse Atlantic. The airport environment also includes custom windsocks and weather-dependent animations.
  • Interactive Elements: The scenery supports Aerosoft’s VDGS module, ensuring accurate docking with T1 and T2 safedock systems. Additionally, a GSX profile integrates seamless pushback procedures.
  • Configurable Options: Through the Aerosoft One interface, users can adjust passenger and vehicle densities, tailoring the airport environment to their preferences for a more personalized simulation experience.

This new release from Jo Erlend and Aerosoft adds another high-quality representation of an airport that is already well-served on the platform. This new version is probably the most impressive yet, but simmers have other choices, such as the aforementioned rendition from Orbx but also from JustSim.

For more information or to purchase the Mega Airport Oslo-Gardermoen, visit the Aerosoft online store or Contrail, where you can get this airport for slightly over €20.00.

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