Visit the beautiful Azores with MK-STUDIOS’s Ponta Delgada Airport for MSFS

Ahh, the Azores. The Atlantic islands have some of the most beautiful natural landscapes anywhere in the world. They have a particular place in my heart, the island of São Miguel especially, with its lush green pastures, colorful lakes and warm thermal waters. Sadly, this beauty isn’t very well represented in Flight Simulator, but at least there’s now a decent recreation of São Miguel’s airport, just released by MK-STUDIOS.

Located right beside Ponta Delgada, the island’s largest city, João Paulo II Airport (LPPD) is the main gateway into São Miguel, and has seen significantly increased traffic over the last decade as tourism ramps up in the Azores, especially after the arrival of Ryanair in 2015.

Ponta Delgada Airport serves domestic flights to all the other 8 islands in the Azores, as well as to continental Portugal and Madeira. It also handles international flights to Europe and North America, mostly during summertime, and is a major hub for SATA Azores Airlines.

MK-STUDIOS has brought to MSFS an accurate and up-to-date airport layout, which also includes a simplified interior model. This is a simple and airport, so good performance is to be expected.

Ponta Delgada – João Paulo II Airport from MK-STUDIOS is now available through Contrail.

Ponta Delgada Airport MSFS 9

Ponta Delgada Airport MSFS 7

Ponta Delgada Airport MSFS 6

Ponta Delgada Airport MSFS 5

Ponta Delgada Airport MSFS 4

Ponta Delgada Airport MSFS 3

Ponta Delgada Airport MSFS 2

Ponta Delgada Airport MSFS 1

Main Features

  • Fully detailed rendition of Ponta Delgada Airport
  • Up to date ground layout and stands according to the real-world changes
  • Terminal interior model (simplified for maximum performance)
  • AI compatible
  • Optimized for high performance
  • Custom mesh included