EGPH Edinburgh Airport coming to MSFS this week

Scotland’s busiest airport is coming to Flight Simulator very soon, by the hands of developer Pyreegue. The ongoing development of EGPH Edinburgh Airport has been shared at the Orbx forums, with some stunning preview images that show a very detailed airport with fully modeled interiors.

As the main gateway into Scotland, Edinburgh Airport sees traffic coming in from all over Europe and even North America. It’s located just a few miles west of the city, with its single runway and terminal building working hard to make this the sixth busiest airport in the UK.

Pyreegue’s development efforts are coming to fruition this week, with the planned release of this airport for MSFS. It will also be coming later to the upcoming Xbox version of the sim.

The images that we have available right now show a very impressive work from the developer, especially with the terminal interiors, which are surprisingly detailed. We know many simmers don’t care much about this, but sitting at the gate and seeing a properly realistic terminal instead of dead and opaque windows definitely raises the levels of immersion.

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 8

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 7

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 6

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 5

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 4

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 3.jpg

EGPH Edinburgh Airport MSFS 2

This project goes a bit further than the airport itself, with the addition of some landmarks nearby the airport, like the Moxy and Hampton hotels. The striking ATC tower also looks to be very realistic, and deservedly so. It has become an icon of both the airport and the city of Edinburg, with its distinct architecture and colorful lighting.

Overall, it seems Scottish simmers are in for a treat. This looks like a properly high-quality airport, coming from a developer that has a good track record with previous releases. And with Dundee’s airport not too far off, there are plenty of flight opportunities in this beautiful country. Hopefully, if all goes well, we will all be visiting Edinburg this week through this beautifully recreated new scenery for MSFS.