Just Flight releases Santa Paula Airport (KSZP) for MSFS

After this week’s launch of the PA-28 Warrior II, Just Flight is back again with a new product for MSFS, this time an airport. KSZP Santa Paula, a privately owned airport in Southern California, makes full use of all the new technologies that are available in MSFS to deliver an outstanding representation of this busy airfield.

Santa Paula Airport sees an average of over 266 take-offs and landings a day, posing a challenge to keen pilots with its pattern altitude of just 850 feet and electrical wires on short final. It serves only privately operated GA aircraft with no scheduled commercial services.

Just Flight worked to recreate this scenery with meticulous detail, with over 100 custom modeled hangars and buildings, animated objects, complete night lighting, enhanced grass and vegetation, and much more. It’s truly an impressive work, just check the product images to see what to expect!

Santa Paula Airport (KSZP) from Just Flight is now available for MSFS for just £11.99 / €13.95 / $16.99.

Santa Paula Airport MSFS 3

Santa Paula Airport MSFS 2 1

Santa Paula Airport MSFS 5

Santa Paula Airport MSFS 4

Santa Paula Airport MSFS 1

Main Features:

  • Detailed modelling of 100+ hangars and buildings
  • Meticulous focus on details, creating an immersive experience at the airport
  • Custom animated and weather-responsive elements such as windsocks and flags
  • Fully designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator with hand-crafted PBR textures for every object creating realistic depth, roughness, shadows, and highlights
  • Complete night lighting environment for the entire airport area
  • Enhanced elevation
  • Enhanced grass and vegetation on and around the airport
  • Realistic markings and obstructions on and around the airport
  • Tested and validated by actual residents and aviators from the the Santa Paula airport community