Orbx releases Landmarks Mumbai City Pack

Like clockwork after this week’s announcement, Orbx released today a new installment in the Landmarks series of products for Flight Simulator. This time, it’s dedicated to the Indian city of Mumbai, the massive metropolis that is one of the most populous in the world.

The Indian sub-continent has seen little love from third-party developers. Besides a few freeware airports, there’s little else to write home about. Hopefully this will change now, with the release of this new landmarks pack from Orbx dedicated to one of the most important cities in the region.

Mumbai is located in a peninsula in western India, just by the Indian Ocean, and has a rich history marked by the presence of several colonial powers such as the Portuguese and the British. Because of this, Mumbai has a mix of old and new architectural styles, so there’s plenty to see around the city.

To bring you the best sightseeing opportunities in Mumbai, Orbx created a large collection of landmarks that includes some of the most iconic structures of the city. These are divided into high-detail models, 16 in total, for the most important buildings such as Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Omkar 1973 and Imperial Towers, and more than 100 medium-detail buildings and structures. These show the variety of unique architectural styles of old and modern Mumbai.

Orbx Mumbai Landmarks MSFS 5

Orbx Mumbai Landmarks MSFS 4

Orbx Mumbai Landmarks MSFS 3

Orbx Mumbai Landmarks MSFS 2

Orbx Mumbai Landmarks MSFS 1

Helicopter pilots have a lot to stay entertained here! Orbx added several skyscrapers with helipads, including the Antilia billionaire’s residence, perfect for short hops around the city as you discover each landmark.

To round things up, expect extensive improvements to the overall ground textures, better terraforming, improved vegetation, and more.

Landmarks Mumbai City Pack is now available through Orbx Direct for just US$7.36 | €6,26 | £5.35.

Main Features

  • 16 high-detail custom landmarks including Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Gateway of India, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Omkar 1973, Imperial Towers, and the Bandra–Worli Sea Link bridge.
  • More than 100 medium-detail custom landmarks showcase the truly unique architectural styles of old and new Mumbai.
  • Several highrises with rooftop helipads, with additional landing areas on Navy frigates and at Shikra Heliport.
  • Custom orthoimagery for Mumbai City as well as the port and industrial areas across the bay.
  • Many enhancements to the city and surrounding areas: improved vegetation and building placements, static boats, vessels, cranes, chimneys, etc.
  • Extensive terraforming and shoreline adjustments across the coverage area.
  • Custom night lighting based on real-world photography.