The Twin Otter from Aerosoft gets its first video showing animations and sounds

Aerosoft has another highly anticipated airplane for MSFS, after the release of the CRJ a few months back. We’ve been following the development of the Twin Otter, which has been extensively previewed on the studio’s forums. This week we got another very interesting sneak-peak into the ongoing development of this aircraft, this time a particularly special one: a first video showing the Twin Otter in action, with some external animations and engine sounds.

We have seen many new images of this upcoming airplane from Aerosoft, but seeing it alive inside Flight Simulator is a whole other experience. Chief developer Hans Hartmann revealed on Youtube a short video where we can finally hear the Twin Otter in MSFS and see some of its external animations. While still very much a work in progress, the engine already sounds very good!

As for the animations, we can see the spinning props and flaps and elevators actuating. Then, on a take-off roll, the wheels slowly come to a stop once airborne.

Overall, the Twin Otter looks in very good shape in this video. Besides the aforementioned sounds and animations, we also get to see the external model in all its glory, with a beautiful Norlandair paint scheme. Aerosoft makes extensive use of decals on the textures, which results in extremely impressive levels of details at all distances, a technique that is still to be used by most other third-party developers. That’s why the rivets on the CRJ and here in the Otter as well look so detailed, better than many so-called “4k” textures used elsewhere.

Enjoy the short but very promising video above, and also some new images of a very cool “shark” livery that will be available once this aircraft releases. In the meantime, we hope to hear more details soon about an estimated release date.

Twin Otter MSFS shark 1

Twin Otter MSFS shark 4

Twin Otter MSFS shark 3

Twin Otter MSFS shark 2